21 Struggles Every Tall Pakistani Girl Will Understand

21 Struggles Every Tall Pakistani Girl Will Understand

I’m a tall Pakistani girl and I’m not a ‘khambaa’

Being tall is kind of a great thing right? Having legs that go on for miles.. You don’t even need to wear heels. But wait, what if you DO want to wear heels? Guess what, you can’t! Not because you don’t own a perfectly hot pair of heels. But because your friends won’t tolerate it for a second. Not one blimmin’ second.

Here are some of the things all tall girls in Pakistan will relate to:


1. Being told, ‘itna lamba dulha kahaan se layain ge”?

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2. Mastering the art of bending in group photos.

Source: Pakistani Dramas


3. Being banned from wearing heels around your short friends.

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4. Being asked, ‘aap ki family mein se kon lamba hai?’.

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Meray maa baap. Mera bhai. Meri Behn. Mere dada. Literally everyone in my family is around the same height as I am.


5. Not being able to share clothes with friends/cousins.

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Nice pants? More like capris. Full sleeved shirt? Lololol.


6. Hah! Good luck finding the right shoe size.

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Oh look, cute shoes! It’d be shame if they were to NOT fit.


7. Always being asked to take selfies because well, long arms.

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No way! I am not letting my face look the size of Canada.


8. Being the go-to person when it comes to picking up things from the top shelf in the kitchen/closet.

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At your service. :/


9. Always wanting to sit in the front seat of the car since your legs won’t cooperate in the back.

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10. Sharing an umbrella on summer days in university is annoying AF for your friends.

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11. When your friends love measuring the length of their hands against yours.

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Yeah, I get it. Mine’s bigger, Zain. You’re the weird one with such small hands for a guy.


12. Being asked, ‘bachpan mein kya khaati theen’?

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13. Being told you can’t wear heels on your wedding, or for the rest of your married life.

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Watch me.


14. Not being able to cross your legs under desks or even dining tables.

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15. Being made to stand either in the middle or the back in wedding dances.

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16. Never fitting in the mirror of your dresser. Bend it like Beckham. Seriously, just bend. Lower.

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17. Smacking your head repeatedly on the car ceiling or any ceiling for that matter.

Source: Deviant Art
Source: Deviant Art

Trying to look all fancy. But fancy don’t fit.


18. When your legs don’t fit on the bed at a friend’s sleepover and you let them dangle in the air

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Life’s too short and so is the bed.


19. Being yelled at by your mom when you try to climb two stairs at a time. So unladylike.

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20. Being called a monkey because you move fast and have long limbs.

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You’re a bhaaloo if I am a monkey.


21. When you are forced to show off your ankles in ready-made clothes. HARAM.

Source: College Candy
Source: College Candy


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