People Are Trolling American Filmmaker Cynthia Ritchie After She Had A Meltdown Over Her Love For Pakistan

1 Jan, 2019

This Drug Burning Ceremony In Peshawar Looks Like The Most Badass Movie Of 2018

26 Oct, 2018

So A Ross Lookalike Stole Some Beer In London Last Night And Everyone’s Making The Same Joke

25 Oct, 2018

People Are Accusing Beaconhouse School System Of Treason Against Pakistan And Shit’s Getting Real

2 Oct, 2018
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People Are Ridiculing Dawn Media Group’s CEO Hameed Haroon After His Intense Interview With BBC

17 Jul, 2018
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Sheikh Rasheed Has Been Declared “Ahl” For The Elections And Pakistanis Are Celebrating In Sheikh Rasheed St...

13 Jun, 2018

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