Down Syndrome Could Not Stop This Pakistani From Winning A Medal At The Olympics

By Alveena Jadoon | 17 Feb, 2018

Pervez Ahmed is a Pakistani athlete who suffers from Down syndrome.

Down syndrome became the reason behind him leaving his education in Grade 2

It is difficult for students with special abilities to continue school because of lack of understanding on part of the administration. Teachers in schools are generally not trained to devise their curriculum around the needs of students with special abilities. And mostly, they lack the patience to go with their pace.

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The lack of formal education means very limited opportunities for these students

There are not many schools in Pakistan which do not discriminate the intellectual capabilities of students with special abilities. This means that they are confined within the setting of their homes and gain the minimum possible knowledge at their own pace. Often at times, family members also do not know how to go about dealing with such situations, the kind of effort that is needed and how to make the child retain his self esteem.


People are also often very unkind to those with special abilities

Pervez Ahmed also became the target of unkind remarks and gestures which made him feel like an outcaste. However he did not let this affect him at all. He was not discouraged by what people had to say about him.

He said, “I never cared for what people had to say about me. I was not discouraged by the mocking and teasing. I kept going.”

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He started running as a hobby. Soon a woman from the community motivated him to start running professionally

This resulted in him representing Pakistan at the Special Olympics in 2017. He managed to bag 2 silver and a gold medal for Pakistan.

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Here’s a short video showcasing his talent and the journey to victory

Pervez Ahmed – Gold Medalist Special Olympics World Winter Gam…

He couldn't continue his studies after 2nd grade due to down syndrome but won 2 silvers and 1 gold medal for Pakistan.#WeAreAllEqual

Posted by Humans of Pakistan on Montag, 5. Februar 2018

Pervez Ahmed is an inspiration for those who are shunned by a system which does not understand them

There is a future for children with special abilities. The effort is required to understand their needs and with the same opportunities provided, they are bound to achieve excellence.

More power to you, Pervez.


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