The Only Guide You'll Ever Need to Survive Daaku Day

By Arslan Athar | 25 Apr, 2016

Daaku Day¬†is the most prized tradition for the graduating batch at LUMS, and many colleges around the country now, as well. One sweltering hot day is selected secretly, and on this day all seniors dress up as¬†daakus and have a grand ol’ water fight on campus. It sure is refreshing on a hot Pakistani summers day, we tell you.

But all non-seniors dread this day,¬†and surviving this day becomes the biggest challenge of the semester. Here’s how you can most likely deal with the problem:


1. Lock yourself in your dorm room

Officially nothing is supposed to start till 6am, but they’re kidding no one.¬†Daaku-ing begins at midnight and the prime targets are the hostels. Brace yourselves!

Source: Tumblr


2. Stock up on food and drinks

It’s going to be a long night, you will feel hungry but will not want to flaunt your money for fear of attracting daakus, like bees to food,¬†so to limit¬†Daaku¬†exposure during the night attack, stock up on chips and chocolate and all other food.

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3. Carry nothing all day

If you absolutely must leave, make sure you do so with as little possessions as you can. You’ll have no money to give, and the worst that could happen would be you’ll get a little wet.

Source: Tumblr


4. Wear band jootay or tight clothes to hide your cash

Carry cash if you really need it but hide it in places they won’t bother checking. If they want your money they better work for it, right?

Source: Deenga


5. Practice your resting bitch face

Look Annoyed. Look like you don’t have time for their petty¬†day. Chances are no one will stop you. Fake it till you make it.

Source: Deenga


6. Avoid stores around campus at all costs

If you’re caught buying stuff from the LUMS Superstore, for example, then be sure that your¬†‘mere paas paise nahin hai’ wala jhoot will¬†not work on them¬†daakus anymore.

Source: Deenga


7. Fight back, if you have to

But only do this if you have a lot of people with you. Basically you need to have your crew plus another 50 people to pull this off. Or else you’re getting ragged again. Badly.

Source: Deenga


8. Stay away from your senior friends

No they will not protect you, loyalties change on Daaku Day.

Source: Deenga


9. Keep an eye out for Daaku activity

Always be on the lookout. That way you’ll know when the coast is clear to get some lunch.

Daaku Day LUMS
Source: PhotoLUMS


10. Wear black steal any unattended water guns 

There will be loads of them just laying around. Take your pick and you’ll just pass as one of them.

Source: Deenga


11. Have your own water fight

Daaku Day Water Fight
Source: PhotoLUMS


This is a pretty crazy day in the LUMS calendar. Have fun and plot your revenge for when you will become a daaku yourself.

And folks at other colleges, do let us know what your Daaku Day is like.

Cover Image via: LUMS Photographic Society

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