What is Sibtain Day And Why Are Students At LUMS Celebrating It?

What is Sibtain Day And Why Are Students At LUMS Celebrating It?

This is Sibtain Haider.

Sibtain Day LUMS
Source: LUMS Photographic Society

Sibtain is a student at LUMS. But he is not an ordinary student. He has a day named after him at his university. So what’s the story and how did students at LUMS come to be celebrating ‘Sibtain Day’ on December 2nd?

This is how it happened:


On a Facebook Group for LUMS students Sibtain’s friends started tagging and putting his picture to any random posts

Sibtain 4

Sibtain 10


Initially people were confused

Sibtain 13


And questioned who this guy was

Sibtain 12


But Sibtain is all powerful

Sibtain Day LUMS Toilet


And he is everywhere

Sibtain Day LUMS Selfie


Political parties want him

Sibtain Day LUMS Altaf Bhai


Some even wondered if he is a Yahoodi Sazish

Sibtain Day LUMS Yahoodi Sazish


Soon the trend caught on and everyone was doing it

Sibtain 1

Sibtain Day LUMS Study


People are dying to be best friends with him

Source: Shaheer Tariq


People are making pilrgimage from all over the LUMS campus to find him and take pictures with him

Sibtain Haider LUMS Pilgrims
Source: Humza Jami


He became an international sensation soon enough

Sibtain 5

Sibtain Day LUMS International
Source: Anas Khan

Sibtain 6


Chuck Norris is nothing compared to the fame that this guy has

Sibtain Haider LUMS Chuck Norris


And Bollywood didn’t want to be left behind either

Sibtain Day LUMS Nayak
Source: Ahsan Butt


The LUMS Administration also got in on this

Sibtain Day LUMS office


Who knew that Vice Chancellor of LUMS was also apparently inspired by Sibtain!

Source: Omer Imran Malik


When there is a new hero on the scene the likes of Meera Jee and Qandeel Baloch can never be far behind

So this happened

Sibtain Haider LUMS Meera
Source: Osama Malik
Sibtain Haider LUMS Qandeel
Source: Muhammad Zubair Afzal


The sports world caught the Sibtain bug as well

Sibtain Haider LUMS Sports
Source: Waqas Haider


His name has become a pop culture phenomenon and he needs security


Urban Dictionary can’t even find a proper “word” of the year because of Sibtain.



So December 2nd has been named at LUMS as ‘Sibtain Day’

Sibtain 14

And everyone celebrates it by wearing his signature clothes. Black shalwar kameez and shawl.


This is what Sibtain has to say about the matter

Sibtain 11

In our conversation with him, Sibtain says he credits (read: blames) all his friends for his viral fame. And he is equally thankful to the LUMS community at large for picking up on the joke and making him a star that he is now. He wants his fans to know he is truly enjoying every moment of his fame but he becomes rather awkward when everywhere he goes around on campus and he is followed with laughing people.

Sibtain Haider LUMS Savior
Source: Mustafa Ahmed


Sibtain has a special message for his friends in particular

Zameen mili banjar, dost milay KANJAR #SibtainHaider”


And if you want to contact this internet celebrity himself, here is how you may reach him:

Sibtain Day LUMS Email
Source: Shoaib Zafar


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