Arsal Stole Everyone's Hearts In A Major Development On Last Night’s Episode Of “Suno Chanda”

By Iman Zia | 4 Jun, 2018

“Mein usse iss haal mein nahi dhek sakta. Mar hi toh gaya hoon.”

This show has turned out to be SO much more than comical. It has a heart, so loosely attached that I found myself in tears, weaving myself so intricately into each and every character on ‘Suno Chanda,’ in particular Arsal and Jia. When I first began the drama, I wasn’t expecting much, but it has exceeded my expectations beyond anything I could have ever thought of. Last night’s episode left me in utter tears. ARSAL WE LOVE YOU DON’T LOOSE HOPE!

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Before we dive into the latest episode (which was primarily more serious than its former counterparts) and Arsal and Jia’s overarching storyline that has become so breathtaking to watch, here’s what happened in the very last scene. Jia was insulted unjustly by Arsal’s mother and was subsequently scolded by her own…


Now, coming onto last night’s episode, it was primarily focused on an incredibly worried Arsal, who unfailingly kept trying to get Jia to talk to him

They’ve spent their entire lives together, and despite all the bickering and verbal altercations, Arsal couldn’t see Jia in pain, let alone in tears. Her one tear had Arsal in agony the entire episode. COULD HE ACTUALLY BE FALLING FOR JIA?

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Arsal spends every moment he can trying to get to Jia, staying outside her bedroom door, and confiding in Sherry about how he feels

He’s visibly upset, and distraught over what happened to Jia. When Sherry asks him bluntly if he’s fallen for Jia now that his rishta is finally set with Kinza, he doesn’t even deny it; he simply says “I don’t know, lekin mein usse iss haal mein nahi dhek sakta. Mar hi toh gaya hoon.”

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Us rn

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A moment arises where Arsal gets some time alone with Jia where he affirms her that they’ve been through much worse after she says she cannot take any false accusations upon herself

The scene is quick, imperfectly swift but also realistic. He’s willing to do anything for her and begs her to tell him what to do. When she responds that she wants a divorce from him as soon as possible…

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…The look on his face clarifies our conjecture; he’s in love with her.

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The scene of the entire episode arrives when Jia and Arsal bump into each other – and say absolutely nothing; it’s a moment of clarity for them both at this point

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…And they know they hopelessly desire one another

He later quickly asks her to meet her outside by his bike, and he knows her so well despite her denying it, he proudly says ‘”itna kamzor rishta nahi hai humara.” After a little deal with the mischievous and adorable DJ, Jia comes running to Arsal, thinking he’s upset.

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They go on a bike ride, despite not discussing the dire circumstance (or rather confessions of love), and Arsal he cannot marry Kinza, nor denying that he’s in love with Jia

And Jia finally understands (THANK THE GOOD LORD). Their moment is cut short because they were caught by Arsal’s father out on their bike, causing a rather comical and catastrophic family gathering in the living room.

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Arsal finally grows a spine, and starts fighting with Jia’s parents; “kyun nahi ghooma sakta aapki beti ko?”

Our hero goes on to warn them, declaring that they are still engaged and says he’ll still go out with her, much to the shock of the comically hilarious duo that is Jia’s parents. He announces adamantly that he won’t divorce Jia, before walking out in impeccable timing.

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And all the while, Bi jaan has the smile we all have on right now

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This episode dealt with the incredibly tangled and messy emotions of the heart, proving just how unpredictable life really is

Bravo to ‘Suno Chanda’ for a phenomenal episode. Also kudos to Farhan Saeed, who is simply fabulous, and he’s definitely going a long, long way in acting. This drama is what has put him on the map.

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Fans loved the episode, praising and fangirling (righlty so) over Arsal



In particular the last monumental scene












What did you think of today’s episode?


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