Students All Over The Country Are Boycotting Valentine's Day By Celebrating Haya Day Instead

By Rameeza Ahmad | 14 Feb, 2019

Haya Day is here, move over Valentine’s Day…


It’s 14th February, and internationally it is celebrated as Valentine’s Day; the day of love. But in Pakistan and in other countries around the world, some Muslim youths are boycotting Valentine’s Day and celebrating what they are calling ‘Haya Day’, a day to promote modesty.

To demonstrate their dislike for Valentine’s Day, they had a ‘Haya Walk’ where people gathered together for a walk where they showed their support for Haya Day.


Students from all over the country are staging demonstrations in support of Haya Day

Like places in Bahawalpur


In Buner


In Lahore


Certain schools even had little children partake in anti-Valentine’s day activities


The event is being supported by organizations like Islami Jamiat Talaba

This day was also celebrated last year as well with a similar walk to demonstrate student support of the day. The initiative clearly seems to be a success since social media is filled with posts of people supporting Haya Day.

The students who came up with this concept aim to use Haya Day to counteract the ‘behayai’ of Valentine’s Day spreads. Since Valentine’s Day according to them is a Western concept and encourages unmarried couples to celebrate their love. And since Islam prohibits interaction between the two sexes, celebrating a day which encourages unmarried people to declare their love for one another, go one dates is simply unacceptable to a lot of these youths.

According to the organizers, Valentine’s Day is against the principles of an Islamic society which is why Haya Day and the Haya Walk are important.

What do you think of these demonstrations against Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comments below.


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