Pakistanis Are Pissed That Pitbull Isn't Coming To Perform At The PSL Opening Ceremony

By Biya Haq | 14 Feb, 2019

Not so Mr Worldwide after all.

Alas, it seems things were just too good to be true for the PSL opening ceremony this year.

Pitbull officially confirmed that he would not be able to perform at this year’s Pakistan Super League opening ceremony.

Source: Daily Motion

While doing a test run with the plane that was supposed to take him to Dubai, Pitbull’s pilots noticed parts of the engine had come out during flight (never really a good sign). Due to these technical difficulties, Mr Worldwide announced that he would no longer be able to attend and perform at the opening ceremony this year. He seemed pretty upset about the setback and even took his sunglasses off to apologize. (That’s big.)

Source: Daily Motion

The opening event this year was set to have a number of very talented musicians to perform. Everyone from Fawad Khan to Junoon, it was going to be pretty lit and even though Pitbull will not be there, it probably still will be.

However, now that the star has officially taken his name off the list of performers, Pakistanis are pretty pissed off.

Source: Pitbull Via Facebook
Source: Pitbull Via Facebook
Source: Pitbull Via Facebook

Oh yeah. People have been trying their hand at guessing the reasons for his last-minute flight issue, many thinking that it sounded way too shady to be true.

Others are trying to find the bright side of the situation, lmao, saying we have our own version of Pitbull anyway.

And you’ve got to admit, the resemblance is UNCANNY.

Source: Aaj TV/ Know Your Meme

When the ‘Fireball’ star announced his initial induction into the ceremony, Pakistanis were pleased,

Source: Pakistan Super League Via Facebook
Source: Pakistan Super League Via Facebook

However, many of them were pretty pissed, stating that PCB was spending way too much money on the glitz and glam side of PSL rather than on the cricket part. Cricket fans all over Pakistan were criticizing the use of the ‘millions’ of rupees that were to be spent on his performance alone even saying that local stars should have been given more attention than international ones.

Source: Pakistan Super League Via Facebook
Source: Pakistan Super League Via Facebook

And now it seems that they got what they wished for because Mr Worldwide will be staying put for now.

Source: Tumblr

Have you seen Pitbull’s apology? Take a look here.

PSL video

Apologies to Pakistan Super League and Dubai

Gepostet von Pitbull am Mittwoch, 13. Februar 2019

What do you think about the news? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Love you.

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Cover photo source: Pinterest/Daily Motion

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