PCB Wanted Cheerleaders For PSL 2019 But None Of The Teams Were Interested At All

By Rameeza Ahmad | 29 Jan, 2019

PCB clearly wants more attention for PSL 2019.

The Pakistan Cricket Board is clearly trying to innovate and make sure the audience they get for PSL 2019 is the biggest one yet. And keeping this in view, they might have proposed something which they thought would get more people to tune in to matches;


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Cheerleaders are found all around the world, in various team sports. And the PCB decided that it was high time they were introduced to the Pakistani cricket franchise as well since it seemed to have worked for the IPL.

The Pakistan Cricket Board proposed the idea of introducing cheerleaders to the tournament to all the team owners, however, it was a complete BUST.

According to sources, some of the owners opposed the inclusion of cheerleaders because of religious reasons. And when the PCB promised that the cheerleaders would not be in ‘provocative’ clothing and would be dressed modestly, it did nothing to sway the owners who still unanimously agreed that it was a bad idea.

Source: arynews.tv

The other concern the PSL team owners had was the huge cost they would have to incur per dancer which was about $14,000 per dancer! Now that is a BIG amount.

And I have to say I am glad; I generally oppose the concept cheerleaders. Having women dance and support a male team as they play a sport, largely for the entertainment of a largely male audience sounds very uncomfortable to me. While the West has begun to question whether cheerleading is even something they should be supporting, we would be introducing it to our part of the world.

It might be for the better that cheerleading is never brought to our part of the world, very honestly. We have enough women being exploited and viewed by the male gaze already than to subject scores of women to the same treatment in the name of it being a job.

I mean for a country that did not spare a sports journalist Zainab Abbas from lewd comments, can you imagine the kind of language women dancing between or during matches would be subjected to.

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But then again, that’s just my opinion. What do you think about the idea of cheerleaders being introduced to PSL 2019? Let us know in the comments below.


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