19 Moments That Made This Year's PSL Even More Than Just About Cricket

By Aam Nawab | 4 Mar, 2017

Anyone who thinks cricket is just a sport in Pakistan clearly doesn’t understand Pakistan. No, cricket is much more than that because cricket is that one thing that can you unite everyone in Pakistan. This year’s Pakistan Super League has been a tournament that illustrated just that. From engaging the whole country and making everyone get into some friendly banter with each other over their favorite teams to serving as an outlet for the people during some very trying times, the PSL has been a light at the end of a very dark tunnel.

The final is fast approaching, in Lahore, so here’s a look back at all the moments that have made PSL more than just about cricket, for Pakistanis.


1. That time when the PSL started with a tribute to Junaid Jamshed

It is fitting that a tribute be paid to the man who gave Pakistan our unofficial anthem.

2. Then the foreign players of Islamabad United displayed their “Pakistani-ness” in shalwar kameez

3. Amidst all this, Fawad Rana of Lahore Qalandars kept everyone thoroughly entertained off the ground

4. And keeping in line with that, he and his team released a very interesting message for other teams in PSL

5. People were terribly disappointed with Chris Gayle for pulling a Shahid Afridi during the whole PSL

6. There was this moment as well

7. Oh, and Lahore Qalandars made 59 a popular number

8. Then they showed everyone what a kahani mein twist looks like by winning a match and topping the points table

9. And Wahab Riaz who plays for Peshawar Zalmi was betrayed by his wife who ended up tweeting in support of her home city

10. Soon after, the Qalandars suffered a drop out of the tournament thanks to Karachi Kings winning their match

11. This girl from Peshawar got a lot of attention

12. And Ahmed Shehzad’s teammates showed how they like to pull this guy’s leg, too

13. And when the final was announced to be happening in Lahore, some famous celebrities announced their attendance

14. This fan was too eager for a selfie that he ran on to the ground DURING THE MATCH

15. After disappointing fans for most of the tournament, Shahid Afridi gave in his all during the semi final, ending up with 12 stitches

16. This guys lost a bet to Careem and had to donate his hair for a good cause

17. The players did not shy away from displaying their emotions

18. Despite everything, what mattered most during the PSL was that the whole country was having fun

19. When Careem stepped up to help Lahoris reclaim their city with their Bahar Niklo campaign and remind everyone that Pakistanis are a rare breed that don’t scare easily.

Here’s to a great final match in Lahore.

Cover image via: espncricinfo.com

Use the promo code PSL and drive to/from the PSL finale or anywhere in Lahore for aflat PKR 250. Also just as an fyi, Careem’s Pick & Drop point for the PSL final will be Barkat Market, Garden Town.

This post has been sponsored by Careem.

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