15 Struggles You Can Understand Only If You're An Elder Sister In Pakistan

By Hurmat Riaz | 30 Sep, 2017

Elder sister struggles aap kiya jaanein


People think that being eldest is the best thing ever. You’re your parents’ favorite child and you get to enjoy all things first hand but stop right there, it’s a whole lot of work being the eldest like all the zimaydaris, and taking care of your siblings like you’re the mom, etc.

Here are some more struggles you can relate to if you’re the elder sister:


1. You cannot casually do mistakes in life because tum sab se barri ho ghar mein

You’re always supposed to be the sane and intelligent one because your parents actually worked on you.

Via: Tumblr


2. You cannot be irresponsible warna chotay behan bhaiyon ko kya sabaq milay ga

You want to live your life to the fullest but you also have to take your every step very carefully.

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3. You had an early curfew but your younger brother (even sister) can stay out much late

Kitni ziadti hai yaar..

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4. The moment you turn 20 your shaadi becomes the topic of every family conversation

You’re chilling and all and suddenly people turn the conversation around your shaadi and start fixing you up with every other guy around.

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5. If you have a younger sister, she’d want you to get married early takay uski baari ajaye

She’s always onto you kay shadi ker lou, shadi ker lou.

Source: Sadia Jabbar Productions


6. You have to learn cooking even if you don’t like it because you’re the one helping your ammi out

You’re always looking for hacks in the kitchen but it turns out to be a disaster in the end.

Source: Blue Wolf Productions


7. Elders put extra pressure on you so that you’ll always set a good example for your siblings

And you’re like, ‘unka thaika mein ne thori liya hua hai?’

Source: ABC Studios


8. It irritates the heck out of you when your younger sister wants to “share your clothes”

And it might turn into a fight or you end up looking like twins.

Source: tenor.com


9. You’re the unpaid, official babysitter of your siblings

You also become the unofficial mom when parents are not around.

Source: 20th Century Fox Television


10. You sometimes have to make tough decisions just because you’re the eldest

Baron ko aisay kerna parta hai‘. WTF is that?

Via: Tumblr


11. You also become the unpaid official safai wali baji of your house when the maid doesn’t come

Source: Bright / Kauffman / Crane Productions


12. Since everyone at home calls you ‘baji‘, people outside your family also start calling you the same

And it makes you feel old even if you’re not that old.

Source: Showcase Productions


13. You’re always doing your siblings’ assignments and also for free because you want to help your young ones out

And if you refuse then your parents are like kay tumhari parhai ka kya faida?

Source: Heyday Films


14. Your siblings get away with their shenanigans kyun kay woh tou chotay hain and you’re like whaaaaaaaaaaaat?

Source: Walt Disney Pictures


15. The best thing as an eldest sister is that you get to be the boss lady over your siblings

It’s not like you enjoy it. You’ve to do it for their own good.

Source: Six Sigma Plus


If you’re an elder sister, do you feel the same? Tell us in the comments.



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