15 Annoying Struggles Only The Eldest Child Of The Khandaan Knows To Be True

By Sarmad Amer | 7 Nov, 2017

Sure, being the oldest child in the family has many perks like getting the undivided attention of everyone as a child, but the world doesn’t realize us oldest kids have to deal with way more stuff than just that.

Here are some of the things everyone who is the oldest child in their family will absolutely recognize experiencing:


1. You are responsible for EVERYTHING

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From being the caretaker of your younger sisters and brothers, to making sure you represent the family honor every step of the way when you’re out in public, being the oldest child is a helluva responsibility.


2. You can’t ‘act like a child’, from a very early age because you are supposed to be an example for your younger siblings

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Doesn’t matter if you’re a 10 year old kid, or a 23 year old trapped in a 10 year old kid’s mind, you must never truly express your true self because tumhe dekh ke toh chota aisi harkatein karta hai.


3. The eldest child is the first one to reach many milestones so everyone attaches A LOT of expectations to how you do in life

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After all, you’re the first child, and everyone from your parents to your siblings to your grandparents to your uncles and aunts and even Zahida bhabi ki saas ke devar ki behn ki jethani is waiting for how you turn out.


4. Since you’re the first one, you get to be the rebel leader and pave new ways for your younger siblings

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Things like new subjects to study in college or new lifestyle choices are all what you can act on defiantly because you’re the eldest and your parents will eventually accept even if they are definitely not accepting of your choices, at first.


5. You’re always worried that your younger brothers or sisters are not strong enough to deal with the world’s crap on their own

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So you try and give them advice about every step of their lives. Whether this advice is given any heed is a whole different matter.


6. You sometimes(okay, most times) boss over your siblings – after all, you’re the eldest child

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Okay, okay… You ALWAYS boss over your siblings.

You have no qualms about telling them harmless lies, like, if they hog the PlayStation remote for too long their hands can stay that way forever so they need to share more frequently.


7. You, as the eldest child, are the receiver of lots of attention from the elders in the family

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When you’re younger, everyone showers you with love since you’re the first, maybe even the first in the family. And that love stays constant when you’re all grown up.


8. You are at the receiving end of criticism from your younger brothers and sisters

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“Why does he get more pocket money?”
“Why does she always get to stay out much later than me?”


9. If there is a prank, everyone automatically thinks the eldest child is always the mastermind

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Well, most times, they think correctly, but still!


10. You are expected to meet with all your parents’ friends and acquaintances

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Whenever someone visits your home, you are the one having to sit with “uncle”. Whenever a parent visits someone else, you’re the one accompanying them. All this because you’re the representative aulaad.


11. As the eldest child you’re the first to graduate, first to get to drive their own car and also first to do the crazier things

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All your crazy antics and activities make you the envy of your siblings who can’t wait to grow old enough to get to stay out late with their friends to do all those crazy things.


12. The struggle between wanting to hold your younger siblings’ hands through every step of the way or letting them find themselves just like you did is too real for you

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You definitely don’t want them to make the same mistakes you did while you were young and not-so-aware.


13. The family’s interest in your shaadi gets annoying at times

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Since you’re like 13 years old, aunties will start parroting, on repeat, “baita, ab toh tumhari shaadi ka intezar hai bas“.


14. Your opinions are actually valued

bizarre childhood beleifs
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And that is a great reinforcement for your confidence. But sometimes you try and get away with manipulating situations to your advantage *evil grin*


15. As the eldest child you’ll always love your family and will make sure you represent as the best face of your khaandaan

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To everyone who’s an eldest child, love you.


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