13 Totally Real Struggles Of Growing Up In A Family Full Of Betiyaan

By Momina Mindeel | 8 Oct, 2017

In Pakistan, having a lot of daughters is met with sympathy because many think you’ll have to protect them for they’re a liability and will have to spend shit loads on getting them married, interestingly, these days, same goes for the boys and many are waking up to that fact.

Here are some of the things you’ll be able to relate to if you grew up in a family of daughters:


1. If you have two or three elder sisters people will joke that your parents had you because they were trying another shot for a boy

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2. Every single one of your relatives in the whole khandaan is worried about your shaadi and tell your every single time they meet you

Itni sari betiyaan hain, maan baap tou thak jayen gay shadi karte karte.

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3. People will tell your mother they pray that your family gets “blessed with a boy” even though your mother is almost 60 and well past the age of being “blessed with” any children

Like, do the math auntie jee.

Source: IRK Films


4. Your mother has been asked to give her betiyaan up for adoption, at least once in your life

Jokingly, of course.

Shayad kisi ka bhala hee ho jaye, ap kay pas tou already itni betiyan hain“.

Source: The Living Picture / YouTube


5. If you have a brother in the family you will automatically compare how different your parents treat him and their beityaan, even if your parents don’t even discriminate among y’all

Thanks to our beautiful society, these insecurities become a part of your personality. :))))))

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6. Betiyaan are always trying hard to prove your worth

If it’s not to others or your family, it’s probably to your own self-doubting self.

Source: Sadia Jabbar Productions


7. And this makes you very strong in dealing with all the bullshit of the world thrown toward your family for having all the betiyaan

Not all is bleak, then.

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8. You become a pro at being flexible and adapting to changing circumstances because in one way or another, you are always being overlooked

Source: Oriental Films


9. You have actually become a little laraki betiyaan after having to fight for your voice in a house full of loud young ladies

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10. Which in turns makes you a pro at handling all these aunties, uncles and the society constantly putting you down because of your gender

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11. Because you’ve grown up around strong women, you tend to identify with feminist values

‘Agar ham 3 larkion ki jagah 3 larke hote tou kia ap tab bhi yehe kehte?’

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12. You know you’re always set for life when dealing with crises, because who better to ask than a sister?

Source: Hum Network Limited


13. At the end of the day, you’re still grateful for everything sexist that comes your way because it only makes all the betiyaan stronger

Source: Hum Network Limited


And best of all you give a damn about whatever anyone else says because akhir betiyaan ghar ki ronak hoti hain.


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Cover Image Via: Irfan Ahson Photography 

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