Yasir Shah Just Made A Cricket Record And Pakistani Fans Are Applauding

By Sarmad Amer | 8 Oct, 2017

Yasir Shah has been a consistently reliable player for the Pakistani cricket team. Although he hasn’t yet made it to “celebrity status”, he has had his share of chances in the news. However, Yasir is a very talented cricketer. He has been regarded as one of the best spinners in modern cricket and has been raking up records, left right and center, since he debuted in Test cricket against Australia in 2014. Of late, he has started to become a fixture, both in the news as well as a player who knows how to really entertain fans.


Earlier this year, Yasir got a little internet fame for his inability to “keep it together” during the opening of a match

During a series against Australia, the opening ceremony of the match had an “opera singer” sing the National Anthem of Pakistan. Guess, it didn’t really help with the giggles, for Yasir bhai.

Right now, Yasir Shah is playing against Sri Lanka, for Team Pakistan in Dubai, after a little bit of controversy

He’s part of the team during the Test series that’s being played right now and has been performing remarkably. Even though he had a bit of a rough start because he had failed to passed a fitness test a few days before the series was about to commence, it was announced by the captain – Sarfraz Ahmed  – that Yasir is fit to play.


And play he did


On Day 2 of the test, Yasir Shah became only the third bowler in Test Cricket history to reach 150 wickets

Pakistan also boasts one of the other two bowlers who have reached 150 wickets – Waqar Younis.


And he has also become the first spinner to score 5 or more wickets in 5 consecutive test matches


Obviously, fans are ecstatic


And stats were being thrown around


People are also admiring the humility in his style of celebration


Commentator words have become part of history


However there were those who felt that the expectation put on him by making him bowl so much was disrespectful to the player


And Yasir himself echoed kinda the same sentiment


But whatever, he made a record and he deserves all the praise


Congratulations, Yasir Shah.


Cover image via: cricketcountry.com

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