21 Struggles Of Being A Tall Guy In Pakistan

21 Struggles Of Being A Tall Guy In Pakistan

I’m a tall Pakistani larka and I’m more than just a khamba.

Sure, you probably think being a tall lad, especially in our Pakistani society, is a blessing. You always get the best view because you can see over people, you can always reach for things other people struggle reaching – the list goes on. But, like everything else in life, being lamba has it’s challenges.


1. You’re most visible target to Rishta Aunties at every Mehndi.

So while you’re dancing away, she’s busy scheming away.

Source: Indiaopines


2. …even though you’re made to stand at the very back of the dances because of your height.

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3. A significant amount of larkis that you’re interested in unfortunately are too short.

And yes, that does make a difference.

Source: Tumblr


4. Sitting in the backseat of the car is painful.

Altos and Santros are definitely not comfortable.

2012-04-07_11-48-16_532Source: Roo Rental


5. Flying on airplanes is a completely different struggle.

Those seats and bathrooms weren’t made for tall people.


6. Trying to find shoes in your size at a store is hell. 

Especially Peshawari chappal.

wtfSource: Sneaker Bar Detroit


7. Your friends always ask you to take the selfie because of your long arms.

And yet, you’re always the one who doesn’t fit properly into the picture.

Source: Dawn


8. If you’re at a store, strangers ask you to reach for things that are out of reach for them.

Source: Tumblr


9. Hugs are especially challenging on Eid.

Source: Buzzfeed


10. Finding formal shirts that fit you are challenging

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11. One size fits “all” does not apply to you.

Source: paleofx


12. Bathtubs are not made for you.

Source: thebangalurean


13. People ask if you play basketball. Woh kya hai?

Can’t a tall guy be good at cricket?


14. You can’t fully enjoy your bed because it doesn’t fully fit you.

Source: joe.ie


15. Watching Dilwale or Bajirao Mastani at the theater wasn’t as much fun as you expected due to the seats.


16. On top of that, everyone sitting behind hates you for blocking their view of Shahrukh Khan.

17. When your parent’s friends meet you, the first thing they say is “Uff, tum itnay lumbay ho.”

Thanks, I didn’t know that already.

Source: Tumblr


18. Followed by “Is kay liyeh toh lumbee biwi dhoondhnee parhay gee”

Thanks for minding your own business uncle/aunty jee.

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19. People somehow find the need to compare you to other tall people.

It’s as if you’re only defined by your height and nothing else.

Source: Photobucket


20. They absolutely need to know ‘family mein sab say lumba kaun hai?’


21. Most people can’t keep up with your walking pace.

Source: Buzzfeed


But at the end of it all, the advantages of being tall significantly outweight the disadvantes. So, cheers to being tall.

Source: Tumblr


Cover image via: pics.urduwire.com

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