11 Intense Struggles You'll Relate To Only If You're A Memon In Pakistan

By Mehwish A. W. | 10 May, 2018

If you are a Memon, it is highly unlikely that you have not been a victim of any Memon jokes and accent mockery. Thanks to the stereotypical portrayal of Memons as loud, paan-eating, pot-bellied, money-minded seths, it is probably something difficult to avoid. So, often you just laugh with others over the jokes because you know you belong to an awesome bunch of people.

Here are a few typical things you hear and can easily relate to if you have grown up as a Memon:


1. People always say absurd stuff like,“Haan tum shakal se hi Memon lagte ho

Don’t know what specific kind of a ‘shakalMemons have, but this is a statement you get to hear whenever you tell someone for the first time you are one. Or if you are an exception, some might tell you with a surprised look, ‘Really! You don’t look like one!!’

Source: 20th Century Fox Television


2. Everyone asks you to bring Khow Suey for them

You get requests for bringing Khow Suey from your friends and colleagues every now and then. Dukaan khol loon?

Source: Simple Dimple/ Facebook


3. Being called kanjoos all the time

Yaar mene suna hai memons bohat kanjoos hotey hain.”

This word kanjoos goes wherever you go. Every time you try to be a little smart with your money or refuse to give a treat to your friends for any reason in the world, your ears hear the sound of this ‘sweet’ little word!

Source: memegenerator.net


4. People keep asking you to say something in Memoni.

Yes, requests to say some words or sentences in Memoni is a definite thing that happens to you if you.

Source: Ali Rush via Tumblr


5. Your friends ask you to do all the calculations and hisaab kitab for them.

Since you are known for having a calculative mind, usually you are the person doing all the calculations for your friends.

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6. Your entrepreneurship is always questioned.

Business runs in your veins, and so, anyone who meets you for the first time cannot help themselves from asking you about what business you dabble in.

Via Giphy


7. Also, people always question you about your shaadi plans

‘Tum logon mein tou jaldi shaadi hojati hai na?’ is another typical question you are asked, and you have nothing but a nod to respond to them.

Source: Converse


8. And sometimes, they seek confirmation about whether or not you marry within the community.

Like, you wanna tell them to stop being so intrusive and all, but koi sunta hai? Nahi. 

Source: Zambeel FIlms The Crew Films


9. They’ve also got some concerns about the exchange of goods when two families are involved for a rishta.

“Ghar dou gay poora?!”

Source: It’s A Laugh Productions


10. You’re ALWAYS asked about your surnames.

Bottlewala. Bandookwala. Yeh wala. Woh wala. People have way too many questions. And of course, mazaaq bhi uratey hain. 

Source: Showcase Productions


11. And when you don’t conform to the stereotype of a typical Memon, they will say ‘What kind of a Memon are you?’

Via: Tumblr

Being a Memon has its perks, of course. But yeh dunya kya jaane. Khair, if we’ve missed out on anything that you have struggled with, let us know in the comments below. And don’t forget to tag your Memon friends!


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