Step Aside Ranbir Kapoor, Pakistani Musician Taha Hussain Is About To Become Everyone's Newest Crush

By Rameeza Ahmad | 4 Jan, 2020

Taha Hussain may look like Ranbir Kapoor but it’s his vocal chops that set him apart.

Taha Hussain has just released his single titled ‘Jee Lunga‘, and while the song is beautiful and the video walks you through Baku; throughout seeing the video my mind was trying to place Taha. Where had I seen him before? He looked so familiar. It wasn’t till a friend pointed out that Taha resembles Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor that I realized why he seemed so familiar.

And we were not the only ones to compare Taha Hussain to Ranbir Kapoor, Taha said about the matter that, “I was always been compared to him (Ranbir Kapoor) and I take it as a compliment. The Kapoor family and our family have this weird resemblance – it’s not just me. Other members of my family resemble the Kapoors as well. I look like a hero! How bad can that be?”

But honestly, the fact that he looks like Ranbir Kapoor is NOT why you should know Taha Hussain, who is a talented artist in his own right.

His interest in music was honed from an early age as he came from a family of musicians. Taha had learned to play the guitar by the age of 16 and had even written his first song by the age of 19.

At the age of 22, he decided to move to Pakistan to seriously pursue a career in music. He says it’s hard launching your career but he’s willing to put in the effort.

He says that ‘Jee Lunga’ was well intended to be his first song for quite a while. It’s his ode to his approach to life. The song was produced by Saad Hayat and is a gorgeous melody.

They shot the video in Baku on a whim; they randomly decided on the location for the shoot of the video and ended up following through and had no regrets throughout.

Taha’s song and music video are both equally amazing. You can check out his song ‘Jee Lunga’ below:

What do you think of Taha Hussain’s music? Let us know in the comments below.


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