Remember This Zayn Malik Lookalike? He Just Launched His Own Music Career

By Rameeza Ahmad | 15 Dec, 2019

Tallie Dar wants to make sure he gives Zayn Malik a run for his money.

A few years ago, Talha Dar – or Tallie Dar, according to his socials – blew up on the internet because everyone thought he looked like Zayn Malik while some thought he resembled Harry Potter. During that time, people who thought he looks like Zayn Malik asked him when he would be releasing some music of his own.

Well – he did, quite recently. Tallie Dar’s new track is titled ‘Munafiqeens’.

And to find out more about this interestingly titled song, we reached out to him and got the full picture.

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It’s coming… ARE YOU READY?!?? 🚨😤

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The title of the track itself is quite unique for a rap song, and Tallie says he just wanted to reference his beliefs through his song, as many musicians do.

He said he felt people will be able to relate to it. The song itself came about when he was in the studio and heard someone use the word ‘munafiqeen’ in a conversation. He started jotting down the lyrics very quickly. He completed the song a year later but it had already taken shape.

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While the song materialized after some hard work, the inspiration had always been there.

He says he tasted fame a few years back and he saw how fame could corrupt people but he didn’t forget who he was and stayed true to himself. He stated that religion kept him humble and grounded.

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King of the world. Slave of the Lord.

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His future plans for his music career are going to be a surprise for everyone. Tallie doesn’t just want to stick to just one genre but wants to experiment. He says he grew up listening to a lot of Pakistani singers and rappers like Bohemia, Fawad Khan, Jal, Ali Azmat and more. And he might just release a desi track next.

Whatever he does music-wise, his goal will remain the same; to perform at a sold-out concert in his home city: Lahore.

Does he still get mistaken for Zayn Malik? He does. But Tallie says that the people who first saw him as a Zayn Malik or a Harry Potter lookalike now support him as Tallie Dar. In a way, he might have converted them to be his fans.

You can listen to Tallie Dar’s song Munafiqeens here:

You can also find the song on Spotify and SoundCloud. What do you think of Tallie’s new song? Let us know in the comments below.


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