This Pakistani Guy Being Annoyed With Spam Messages By Brands Will Make You Go, “Same, Bro”

By Momina Naveed | 18 May, 2018

We’ve all been haunted by them, at some point or the other. Sometimes we’re expecting a text back from our special *ahem ahem* someone(s) and jump out of our seats, thinking the fateful time has come, but are left utterly disappointed to see the good ol’ automated spam messages from various brands.

Most of us (myself included), sigh and move on with our days, but then there exist, thankfully, knights in shining armor like this bhaijaan, on Twitter:

Ahmed here was 110% done with spam messages.

His frustration led him to vent his frustration at the outlet – something many of us wish we could do, tbh.

We feel you, man. We feel you.

The Twitterverse reacted with arms wide open because, well, aren’t we all victims of this cruel branding ritual?

While some simply responded with gifs…


…others believed they found their hero.

People joined in to complain.

^We know your pain all too well, sadly.

And then came the suggestions:

ALL kinds of suggestions.

Some people offered explanations.

Aur phir there was this tech savvy bhai saab:

And then the usual troll *sigh* :

Yaaarrr, why the hate?!

And then there were those shareef  log who got a good laugh out of the whole situation aur nikal liye:

Regardless, you can’t help but feel ke haan, kiya toh bandey ne theek hee hai. Isn’t it high time brands let us live in peace, waisay? Spam messages are annoying AF, you know? I mean, we’ll go and devour each and every aspect of their sales anyway, even if they stop bombarding us with texts. Khair, aap ka kya khyaal hai? Let us know in the comments.

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