This Dude's Story About How He Learned Not To Ask Women Why They Aren’t Fasting Is Hilarious

By Sajeer Shaikh | 28 May, 2017

Ramazan just started, which means that girls everywhere are all geared up to awkwardly shrug as they’re asked whether or not they’ve kept all the rozas. Also, if you’re not praying, you’ll definitely be asked why. Never mind the fact that it’s common sense why some women aren’t fasting or praying. People still ask. Repeatedly. Every year. Still don’t get why. Perhaps that’s why this Twitter user’s story about confronting his non-roza keeping bhabhi about why she wasn’t fasting is downright hilarious.


Here’s the story of how this guy on Twitter learned not to ask ladies why they aren’t fasting


He starts by setting the scene and even before we jump right into it, we’re like “Oh, 2007. Understood.”


He gives a little more background info so it feels like we’re practically there


He’s busy helping around


Suddenly his watchful eyes fall upon his bhabhi


However, he decides to let it slide


He then vocalizes his struggle about waiting for the azaan


He gives the readers some insight into why rozas must’ve been particularly hard for him 


He builds up to how he was already on edge


Iftar time rolls around


And he is all too eager to fulfill his obligatory duties


When he gets back, though, all hell breaks loose


He, in his own words, goes ‘ape shit’ over her not keeping rozas AND not offering namaz


Which obviously leads to a whole lot of embarrassment for everyone involved


His outburst is dealt with


But he still needed answers


Which he soon receives


Finally, he states that the answers leave him scarred 

The entire encounter is downright comical. It’s also relatable because this has happened to many of us on numerous occasions. We’ve either been the bhabhi, trying to score a samosa while no one’s looking, or we’ve been the 2007 version of this Twitter user.


However, the most important message to take away from this encounter, other than the fact that we need more awareness about the female body, is this:


Ramazan Mubarak, guys. Live and let live.


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