Forget ‘Laurel Or Yanny,' This New Sound Clip Will ACTUALLY Blow Your Mind

By Biya Haq | 18 May, 2018

Okay, friends, if you’ve been on the Internet lately, or literally just alive, you may have heard about this little debate that has taken over everyone’s lives.

So what is it that y'all hear?, I've had enough!! I hear #Laurel not #yanny

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And just BTW, it’s Laurel. But also Yanny. Okay, we don’t know what to think.

But before we lose you to the craziness again, we found something even better. And fair warning, it may make you question everything in life.


The newest addition to the crazy Laurel soundbites, this new ‘Brainstorm’ or ‘Green Needle’ sound debate is absolutely INSANE.

At first, you hear brainstorm and after, you hear Green Needle. And according to the Internet, there has also been a combination of the two, Brain needle and Green storm.

Not only are most people claiming to hear both of the words, many of them are saying they can choose the word and hear it selectively. So basically, everyone is a superhero and the world is the same world in Avengers Infinity and we all have superpowers that we had no idea existed.

To sum up.

This is ACTUALLY bizarre and people all over the Internet are flipping out over it, including us.

Source: @boardmansport Via Instagram

A case of selective hearing? Wish we could apply this to everything in life.

Source: @boardmansport Via Instagram


Source: @boardmansport Via Instagram

Seriously fam, could not have said it better.

Source: @boardmansport Via Instagram


However, thanks to the Internet, and other case studies like it (Laurel and FRIKKING YANNY), there is a tangible solution for all of the craziness.

According to an article done by The New York Times (yes, even they analyzed this), audio experts from all over the world have contributed to the conversation, trying to explain this ‘phenomenon.’ In case of the Laurel audio file,

Source: New York Times

In the article, she went on to explain,

“I have no idea why some listeners attend more to the lower frequency range while others attend more to the higher frequency range,” she added. “Age? How much time they spend talking on the phone?”

As for our current mindfuck, AKA ‘Brainstorm or Green Needle,’ we don’t have any studies out yet, but we believe that you could probably apply the same findings from the previous study. By listening to a word at different frequencies and even selectively hearing something, your brain identifies the sound that your ears hear the way your brain wants to hear it.

You know what, let’s have Ellen Degenerous explain it.

Makes sense, right?!

And friends, we have some more info for you. According to an article done by the Independent,

“The “brainstorm or green needle” video was taken from a long review of a Ben 10 toy that was posted to YouTube in 2014. That appears to suggest that the word is definitely “brainstorm” because that is the name of a character in the show – though of course whichever you hear is correct, in a way.”

So don’t drive yourself TOO crazy, you are in fact hearing ‘Brainstorm,’ instead of Green Needle. And for those of you hearing Green Needle, you’re not crazy either, you’re just a human with ears that work properly. Love you.

Have you seen this insane debate? What do you hear? Brainstorm? Green Needle? Yanny? LAUREL? Haye, who cares, lmao. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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