Sonam Kapoor Just Said Fawad Khan Became A Huge Star Because No One Else Wanted To Work With Her

By Manahil | 1 Jul, 2019

One of Bollywood’s most talented actresses, Sonam Kapoor, recently said in an interview that Fawad Khan became a huge star because no one else wanted to work with her.

Remember Khoobsurat? The movie released back in 2014. It was about a hopelessly romantic physiotherapist, played by Sonam Kapoor, who falls in love with a Rajput prince – Fawad Khan – who is not only her complete opposite but is also engaged to someone else. It was pretty clichéd, but it was still a cute movie.

Even though its plot isn’t the most interesting one, the casting story is.

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Recently, Sonam Kapoor spoke up about the casting process for the role of the Prince in Khoobsurat.

“I can’t explain how difficult it was to make Aisha,” stated Sonam. “Do you know how much effort it took to make Khoobsurat? No hero wanted to work with me because it was called Khoobsurat. I had to get Fawad Khan from Pakistan. And look [at] what happened.”

“Fawad became a huge star. He had the confidence”.


It’s true – Fawad Khan became an international megastar overnight.

Although he was pretty famous in Pakistan, after the debut of Khoobsurat, girls everywhere were head over heels for him. He went on to star in Kapoor & Sons as an author, which STILL won over the hearts of the audience and critics alike. He was even ranked as 5th best actor in all of Bollywood. And if it wasn’t for the incident in 2016, the Uri attacks, which led to a ban on Pakistani artists working in Bollywood, his Bollywood career would have been flourishing. I mean, even after the ban, Bollywood still wants him to come back.

Despite not being able to work together, Fawad and Sonam are still friends. Even in a long-distance friendship, they don’t forget each other’s birthdays.

Fawad Khan previously admitted to being “emotionally attached to Sonam” and said he “really enjoys her company.”


And, Sonam Kapoor has said that he’s “so respectful, warm and kind.”


In the interview, Sonam went on to discuss her own career in Bollywood.

She said when she first came in the industry, “everyone said she’s born with a silver spoon, they alleged nepotism” because being the daughter of Anil Kapoor, they expected it. But what they didn’t know, was that she had “auditioned for Saawariya (2007)” and “Delhi 6 (2009)” and every other film she’s worked on.

Her films are usually unique because of the fact that she tries her best to play roles that challenge societal norms. She is known for playing strong, female roles. Currently, she’s working on ‘The Zoya Factor’ alongside Dulquer Salmaan.


She’s a creative mind in a workplace where creativity and expression are key.

I hope that Sonam is always true to herself and continues to challenge society. Also, more than anything, I hope her and Fawad are able to make something together in the future because their on-screen chemistry was brilliant.

What do you guys think about this? Let us know in the comments.


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