Someone's ‘Mamu Ka Beta Kamran' Was Released From Saudi Jail Recently So Pakistanis Are Trolling Kamran Akmal Now

By Biya Haq | 21 Feb, 2019

Aap ke mamu ka beta Kamran hai?


Mamu ka beta Kamran,’ has been trending on Twitter and Pakistani savagery has been on display

Via: Twitter


People keep on taking pictures of Imran Khan and Kamran Akmal and putting them together to form the hashtag

We haven’t completely figured out the actual joke but we have a theory so sit back and enjoy.

So, according to a message, allegedly from a PTI account, what we can gather through all the threads in the trend is that some Pakistani jailed in Saudi Arabia had just been let out of prison and that person was someone’s mamu ka beta and was named Kamran.

This comes after the Saudi Prince Mohammad Bin Salman AKA MBS’s visit to Pakistan. There was a massive announcement on his part of releasing over 2000 Pakistanis from Saudi jails after Imran Khan had made a request for better treatment of Pakistanis in Saudi.


The messages “allegedly” by Kamran’s cousins went viral and the rest was Twitter history

There is also a theory that there was no Kamran who was someone’s mamu ka beta and in Saudi jail and that it was a fake story by what people are calling the social media team of PTI so they’re trolling them too.


Lol, we know, it isn’t making sense to us either but somehow, all the tweets in the tag have been hilarious because no matter what happens, a Pakistani sense of humor never lets anything go


The biggest receiver of all the trolling has become the one famous Kamran we have – Kamran Akmal 


But other jokes are no less savage 🔥🔥🔥


At least this was a good change of pace from the India vs Pakistan social media war, right?


Have you seen the tweets? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Reham Khan Tried Trolling Imran Khan For Being MBS’s Chamcha But She’s The One Being Trolled Instead



Cover photo source: @ALongAwaitedHero Via Twitter/@ABDIsrar Via Twitter

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