Fawad Khan And His Family Have Responded After An FIR Was Registered By Polio Workers, For Their Arrest

By Arslan Athar | 20 Feb, 2019

UPDATE: Fawad Khan’s family has responded to the FIR with an official press release.


Fawad Khan is the nation’s heartthrob, there are no two ways about it- whether it be him making us swoon on screen or helping others in times of need, the man has captured hearts across Pakistan.


Fawad is also one of those celebrities that has kept themselves away from scandal and controversy, I guess you can say he’s smart not to meddle unnecessarily in things that don’t concern him. However, that does change tonight.

Imran Khan’s nephew and the lawyer on the Khadija Siddiqui case, Hassaan Niazi shared a shocking revelation on Twitter not too long ago.

According to Hassaan, Fawad Khan’s family had prevented polio workers from coming into their private residence and giving his children the vital polio vaccine.


Things escalated quickly on the case as an FIR was lodged against Fawad Khan for the refusal of polio drops, additionally, the FIR stated that the polio team was threatened and insulted.


Of course, the nature of this incident made the national news in Pakistan go absolutely BONKERS.


The man giving the interview is the person in charge of polio eradication in Pakistan, under PM Imran Khan. 

He claims that this back and forth with the family has been going on for 2 days.


He goes on to give details of what the family’s preferences are on the matter and adds his professional opinion as well.


According to some news outlets, the polio team was in Fawad Khan’s house the ENTIRE day. 

These statements from the DC office and the lawyer are very different in terms of time span.


As is the course with such news pieces, calls were made to arrest the actor.


Of course, as time went on, this news got larger and larger in scope and it turned out that Fawad Khan himself is not even in the country.


Furthermore, in an embarrassing turn of events, Hassaan Niazi revealed that sources have claimed that Sadaf Fawad wasn’t even home. 

The question arises as to who started this story and why did it become SO exaggerated.


Muamla jitna bhi serious ho, we Pakistanis know how to lighten the mood. 



This one is my favorite!

Hot tip: read it slowly and carefully.


We reached out to Sadaf Fawad Khan who has shared with us the family’s official statement on the matter. The statement reads; “None of the parents were home at the time of the visit by the Anti Polio Team. Fawad Khan has been outside Pakistani since the 13th of February where he performed at the PSL opening ceremony in Dubai and is presently in the United States. His travel history clearly demonstrates the manufactured nature of the FIR and he has just come to know of the FIR through the press”. The statement goes on to say that Fawad Khan fully supports the polio drive in Pakistan and that is daughter’s vaccinations are all up to date and that the record of this will prove it.

As of this morning, this picture of Fawad Khan has been circulating on the internet, indicating that Fawad is on his way back home.

Source: @maliharehman1 / Instagram

There do seem to be a lot of discrepancies with this story, especially about if Sadaf Fawad was even at home at the time and the length of time the polio team themselves spent at the house. This definitely is not as simple as it looks.

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