Someone Just Inserted Junaid Khan In The Most Unusual Situations And Honestly, It's Hilarious

By Owais Bin Asad | 23 May, 2019

Pakistani fast bowler Junaid Khan is a fan favorite, especially for his performances against India in the past.


Junaid was recently in the news for his unexpected removal from Pakistan Cricket Team’s squad for the upcoming World Cup.

He tweeted about it and people quickly caught on as well. Even though the tweet was deleted pretty quickly, people still got what they needed from it.

Via: Twitter

If you ask me, that is a meme waiting to be made viral. That’s pretty much what someone did on Facebook. So, this page on Facebook, Mirza Lal Baig, used that very meme-able image to…well…khud hi dekh lain:


Kameez? Kameez tou pehna hoa hai.

Source: @mirzalalbaig / Facebook


Now, one with the boys. There’s a lot of pain in this image.

Source: @mirzalalbaig / Facebook


Junaid bhai chilling with his squad. Too soon?

Source: @mirzalalbaig / Facebook


I don’t even understand why this one exists but it’s definitely worth 500 crore

Source: @mirzalalbaig / Facebook


Junaid bhaaaaiiii hanging out with the true leadership of Pakistan. Looks like a whole hostage situation…oh wait.

Source: @mirzalalbaig / Facebook


Junaid bhai reminding us that aaj bhi Bhutto zinda hai

Source: @mirzalalbaig / Facebook


Aaah, this one’s all too relatable for all my Karachi bois.

Source: @mirzalalbaig / Facebook


Can I just say that I’m proud of my desi awaam? The creativity and determination to meme everything needs to be appreciated.

On one hand, I think it’s a little rude that we’re meme-ing Junaid when he needs some support and love. But on the other hand, these are pretty fucking hilarious! Uh konsi side loon? *cough* meme *cough*. I guess fate has spoken lmao.

The social media army took no time in letting everyone know how much they loved the memes. Here we have your off-the-shelf critic:

Via: Facebook


I kinda wanna know this too. What kind of drugs does it take for one to come up with such memes, hain?

Via: Facebook


Gandhi ji letting everyone know that he approves of this.

Via: Facebook


This one is hilarious and, in my opinion, wins

Via: Facebook

People will continue to meme everything they can get their hands on. I mean memes are sometimes overly offensive but, in this case, a little fun doesn’t harm anyone, right? Right? What do you think of this?

Does Junaid deserve to be turned into a meme considering the recent developments in his cricketing career? Let us know what you think in the comments below.



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Cover image via: @mirzalalbaig / Facebook

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