Someone Photoshopped President Arif Alvi In REALLY Unusual Places And I Can't Stop Laughing

By Fatima A | 30 Mar, 2019

Doctor Arif Alvi is a man who needs no introduction. The acclaimed orthodontist and current President of Pakistan can now also add “popular meme” in his list of achievements. Because let’s face it, in today’s culture, who even are you if you haven’t been made into a meme?

Source: Tribune

Basically, it all started with this picture the President tweeted in January 2018 which features him sleeping in the waiting area of the airport.

For some reason, the internet decided it was time to meme-ify this picture almost an entire year after it was uploaded and we can’t help but LOL at these hilarious results.

Imagine really having an intense moment with your BF/GF and A WILD ARIF ALVI APPEARS.

Source: jamhouri_fouji/Twitter

Not sure how Sunny Leone feels about this. But okay.

This is one threesome no one would want to be a part of.

Source: bluntfactor/Twitter

Not the selfie Mahira Khan was going for, I presume.

Source: @Noobiy12/Twitter

I just wanna know – why? Why now, a year later?

Source: @Noobiy12/ Twitter

Arif Alvi: Doctor, President…Item Song Expert?!

Source: Malik K Memes

WHY is he placed like that? Matlabkyun?

What if your luggage doesn’t arrive on time and the airline offers the President as compensation?

Source: SaithumerP/Twitter

A rare picture of the President chilling.

Get it…because it’s chilly in this picture?

Source: Twitter

It’s a-BOAT to get Presidential in this lake.

Source: waleednisar/Twitter

Don’t you just hate it when your friends post goofy pictures when you’re sleeping?

Apparently, the President can relate to that as well.

Source: bluntfactor/Twitter

The Current PM and President apparently go WAY BACK, as visible in this photo.

Who knew all the notorious sleepovers Imran Khan had in his youthful days were just slumber parties with Arif Alvi?

Source: bluntfactor/Twitter

So there you have it. Dr. Arif Alvi in all his glory as the internet’s latest meme sensation.

He’s had some pretty big shoes to fill…

Source: Memuna_Khattak/Twitter

…but he did not disappoint. You can check out the entire thread:

Let us know in the comments down below what your favorite location that the President appeared in was and whether you’re Team Alvi or Team Badami when it comes to popular celebs appearing in unusual places.


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