So, There's Going To Be A Period Emoji And I CANNOT Wait To Overuse It

By Rameeza Ahmad | 7 Feb, 2019

Telling people you’re on your period has never been easier

So the organization for emojis (yes, there’s one) has officially approved a bunch of new emojis. One of them is the period emoji!

The Unicode Consortium, is an organization which officially reviews and releases emojis. And they have decided which emojis will be released for the year 2019 and people are beyond excited for a few of them. And one of the emojis which has been released is called the ‘drop of blood’ emoji.


While the official name is “drop of blood” emoji, a lot of people know it’s a period emoji because of this campaign

A UK based organization which fights for women’s rights was campaigning for the last few years for a period emoji to be added to keyboards so that the stigma around periods could be reduced. And clearly, they’re tireless efforts worked.

And ladies and gentlemen (especially men) get ready to see this emoji EVERYWHERE. While it is just a drop of blood and can be used in other contexts as well, we all know it will be used to depict periods and hopefully help normalize menstruation.

I honestly cannot wait to use it. It might make certain people a little uncomfortable at first but that’s the first step towards normalizing something as natural as menstruation. And imagine how much fun certain tweets will be when this emoji is officially launched.


Tweets like these would be even more hilarious with the added emoji effect


I mean come on, a few drops of blood would ADD to the hilarity


And for dumb tweets like these, we can just use the period emoji to depict bodily harm that can be caused for having dumb opinions. JK.


But seriously, having this period emoji is a game changer

Not only will it help out in normalizing menstruation but it also is a pretty cool addition to your emoji keypad. In a time and age where emojis are a huge part of how we communicate, we need more inclusive emojis. And the Unicode Consortium is definitely working on it since they are going to release other emojis this year as well, including people in wheelchairs, people with hearing disabilities and more!


I cannot wait for all of these to be released. Out of all the 230 emojis about to released this year, which one are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments below.


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