Every Time Fawad, Meesha And The Judges Distracted Us From Actual Pepsi Battle Of The Bands

By MangoBaaz Studio | 14 Sep, 2017

Pepsi Battle of the Bands so far has been everything we have always wanted. Everything from the lights, the stellar performances and of course – the fact that this platform is doing is completely changing the music scene in Pakistan.

But friends, we can’t ignore one thing for sure –

The amazing,

Source: Pepsi Pakistan


Source: Pepsi Pakistan


Source: Pepsi Pakistan


Source: Pepsi Pakistan

Judges on Pepsi Battle of the Bands.

Everything from Meesha’s strong vocal advice to Atif’s shrewd observations – the judges on Pepsi Battle of the Bands have given us nothing but feels throughout this season and we are HERE FOR IT.

Take a look at some of the best moments the judges gave us this season on Pepsi Battle of The Bands.


1. Fawad (Just being Fawad)

Source: Pepsi Pakistan

I mean – look at him.


2. Atif’s grand entrance on episode 3

Source: Pepsi Pakistan

All the waiting (and WAITING) was sooooo so so worth it.


3. Meesha pointing out the killer skills of the guitarist in Roots

Our girl knows when she sees talent and she was NOT afraid to show it this season.


4. Fawad wowing and jamming out to Roots performing Mera Dil Hai Available.

Source: Pepsi Pakistan

Our dils are always available for you, Fawad.


5. When they all decided to stop everything and ‘consult each other’

Source: Pepsi Pakistan

Of course, because there wasn’t enough tension in the room already having to decide who was going to leave amongst Roots, Kashmir and Badnaam, the panel of judges decided to make things THAT much more intense when they called a side bar. NICE.


6. When Atif stopped everything to honour Pathanay Khan after Kashmir’s performance

Source: Pepsi Pakistan

One of the most emotional moments in the season, Atif showed his true passion for music when he urged everyone to pause in and honour the late singer, Pathanay Khan.


7. Fawad fangirling over Vais

We were all doing this anyway but seeing Fawad do it too? Priceless.


8. Those standing OVATIONS

Source: Pepsi Pakistan

Kashmir and Badnaam got the two standing ovations this season and getting one from some of the best artists in Pakistan? You better believe that was one of the best moments this season.


9. When Jasim and the Pindi Boys auditioned and Fawad couldn’t handle how GREAT they were

Source: Pepsi Pakistan

We were going crazy and the judges were too. Oh yah.


10. Every time Shahi looked into the camera because EYES

Straight. Into. Our. Souls.


11. Atif hugging Kashmir in the latest episode was ENOUGH TO MOVE US TO TEARS

Source: Pepsi Pakistan

Still crying, tbh.

Basically, even though the esteemed judges on Pepsi Battle of the Bands have been amazing at giving constructive criticism, helpful commentary and a whole lotta of love, they have also definitely been absolutely amazing at making us feel all the feels.

Who was your favourite judge? Are you a Fawad? Are you a Meesha? Are you excited for the GRAND FINALE this SUNDAAAAAAAAY? Let us know in the comments below! (Sort of rhymed there, no?)

This post was made in partnership with Pepsi.

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