These Students In Peshawar Allegedly Attempted To Play The Blue Whale Challenge

By Hurmat Riaz | 14 Sep, 2017

If you follow social media avidly, you would have come across the Blue Whale Challenge. Apparently, it’s a game designed by a Russian student with an agenda to ‘clean’ the world from sad, depressed people, in other words, people who need your attention the most.



The game was allegedly developed in 2013 but it caught some attention in 2015 as a victim is said to have fell for it and taken their life



Earlier today, it was reported that some students in Peshawar checked in with a psychiatrist after playing the game

According to Express Tribune, two students in Peshawar approached the psychiatrist, Dr. Imran Khan of Khyber Teaching Hospital after fears for their mental health.


The students apparently told the doctor that they took this challenge out of curiosity but when they noticed that the tasks are leading them to something serious they took a step back and decided to seek medical help. The students are said to be safe now, all thanks to the doctor who treated them accordingly.

The game is making waves but what is it that makes people throw their lives away and commit suicide, for the sake of a game?

Many have speculated that the game prey’s on vulnerable people who are already depressed or show tendencies of mental health issues.

Interestingly, while according to BuzzFeed, there is actually no credible evidence of the game actually being real, but it can’t be denied that there are countless young people who are attracted with the idea of a “game” that could result in their suicide. So, if there are people who are interested in taking their lives, there is definitely a need to have a larger conversation around mental health.



Mental illness has no visible symptoms. Those who suffer from it know that your depression and anxiety eat you from the inside without you ever knowing about it. Although we debate, defend and talk about helping those who are suffering from some kind of mental illness, we still get scared when we come across someone who is actually going through a mental struggle. This behavior pushes people who’re suffering from mental health further away.

At the same time, in a country where suicide is considered a criminal offence (under Section 325 of Pakistan Penal Code) and people joke, ‘yaar tum mar kyun nahi jatay‘, this game has given people a reason to actually talk about this taboo topic.

Maybe instead of just saying khudkushi haram hai you can maybe offer people who’re interested in playing this game an opportunity to share their struggle, instead.


There is a counter movement against the blue whale challenge too

This comedian in India has started what he’s calling a “Pink Dolphin” challenge that is aimed at spreading joy and love, instead of feeding on someone’s depression.


Your mind is a universe in itself. It is as beautiful, amazing and complex as it can be. Yes, today may seem blue but you can’t give away your tomorrow which is yet to come and has so much to offer.

Take care guys and hold on to life because life happens when you explore and reach out and share with people around you.


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