15 Pakistani Songs To Dedicate To The Most Annoying People In Your Life

By Sarah Babar | 14 Sep, 2017

Let’s get real. People can get really annoying really fast. Especially if it’s people who are in close proximity to you. They don’t even have to be related by blood to be annoying. Or difficult. And no matter how much you love them (most of them), sometimes we all need our space. Like. Please. So we got together and made a list of a) the most difficult people in your life and b) songs to help you deal with them. You can thank us later


1. First off, if your parents are too strict, things can get really annoying

So the next time your parents get a little too strict, just tell them to ease up with a little ‘fikar na faka, aesh ker kaka yeh hai gaana falaan-falaan ka’

DISCLAIMER: Please do this at your own risk. We will not be responsible for any flying chappals or moun per thappar. Cheers.


3۔ Your annoying tareen siblings

As soon as your behan bhai start getting too annoying, go to your parents and scream this

Meri aawaaz suno, mujhe azaad kero, meri aawaaz suno, insaaf dau’


4. Your boyfriend/girlfriend if they’re being difficult

Because sometimes, you just want some space


5. When your in-laws get too much, it’s time to warn everyone else

‘Cuz I’m gonna tell Mr AIVERYBAADY’. Especially your mother in law.


6. Your crush, if they’re not keraoing you any lift

pyaar kahaan milta hai. please, pata bata do…’

7۔ Your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend

‘mujhe tumse nahi hai pyaar, mein kya keroun?’


8. Woh pyaar ke pyaasey panchi jo humaari kismet mein likhe gaye hotey hain

Aap sub ke ‘armaan dil ke jaane kiun poore na hua…’


9. The friends who are always asking for money

abhi mood nahi hai kal aana’ ya phir kubhi bhi nahi…


10. Your annoying colleagues

Ours are amazing, this one is only for your colleagues.


11. Your, ahem, boss

For those days where you have deadlines and you’re up all night…


12. Your overbearing teachers

Don’t get us wrong, always, always, always respect your teachers. But we can all agree on the fact that they can get a bit much


13. People who steal your food

‘jo dard mila apnoun se, ghairoun se shikayat kya kerein?’


14. That one stalker you see everywhere

Please, Mona, ‘mujh ko tu jaane de’


15. Those really really annoying kids at shaadis, who kill any and all scope you might have

Kindly please go away…



HAVING SAID ALL OF THAT, please always spread love around wherever you go. The world could use that, end the negativity, please.

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