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The Horrifying Blue Whale Game Might Have Reached Pakistan, Here’s How You Can Be Careful

The Horrifying Blue Whale Game Might Have Reached Pakistan, Here’s How You Can Be Careful

If you didn’t know any better, you’d think ‘The Blue Whale Game’ is a pretty innocent, but be warned it’s anything but that. It is rather deadly and teenagers around the world, with their susceptibility to things that may seem to be helpful with their teenage angst, are vulnerable to getting caught up with this highly manipulative game that ends in the players’ death.


How did the Blue Whale Challenge begin and what’s it all about?

In 2013, Phillip Budeikin, a Russian psychology student claimed  he invented the game. He was expelled from his college after he made his claims. He told that the reason why started this game was to “clean” the society by pushing to suicide those he deemed as having no value. The first recorded suicide from the game was reported in Russia in 2015.

The game “administrators” attract participants online and select their victims from various social media websites and online communities. Once a ‘victim’ is selected, they are sent the Blue Whale Game.


The game accesses all your personal data and blackmails you with the threat of leaking all your data to the world if you don’t follow the tasks.

Once a victim is hooked on, they receive instructions at 4:20 AM for about 50 days. These instructions are pretty intense. They include climbing tall cranes, self mutilation and the final task is to jump off a tall building. Yes, you read that right, the last task this game gives you is of taking your own life. In order to ensure that participants are actually playing this game administrators require them to send video proof of all the tasks having been completed.


The Blue Whale Challenge has spread all around the world causing widespread distress regarding young people taking their lives over a game

Quite recently the game has been causing a social uproar in countries like Italy, Argentina, Brazil and most recently, India. More than 150 suicides have been linked to this ‘game’ and some 20 administrators of the game have been arrested for it.

In fact, India has been seeing a rather shocking number of young adults and teenagers taking part in the Blue Whale ‘game’, which is leading to many suicides. The ‘administrators’ of the game are choosing and picking on people who are vulnerable, depressed and lonely.



More recently, the FIA in Pakistan has apparently issued a warning for people to keep an eye out for vulnerable young people getting attracted to the Blue Whale game

Although no deaths have been reported that could be linked to the Blue Whale challenge in Pakistan but seeing the rise in suicides related to the game in India, the authorities have issued a warning in Pakistan for such a thing becoming more prevalent.



What you can do to help someone who might be susceptible to getting involved with this game?

The group of people who can be susceptible to the game is wide. It is imperative that we all look out for the people we know who could fall in this trap. It is said the administrators prey on people who are depressed, lonely and suicidal.

What you can do is instead of forcing them not to engage with such activities (because if you force them, they will get pushed into doing it more), don’t be imposing, rather just be there for them. Ask them how their day is going and make an environment around them so they come talk to you.

You can monitor vulnerable people’s online activities and be helpful and kind to them. These people may get trapped in such suicide games because they may feel like no one around them wants them in their lives or loves them. Show those around you that you do care about their lives and you might just save a life.


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