Why Does Sharing a Room With Your Sibling Suck?

By Sarmad Amer | 19 Jan, 2015

We’ve all had to deal with our share of problems growing up in a Pakistani household. Some of us just had to deal with a little bit more because we had to share our rooms and thus every single minute of our lives with an annoying monster who just so happens to share our DNA.


1. Lining up for the bathroom morning, noon and night was a miserable struggle not much different from The Hunger Games.

Source: Elite Daily


2. Fighting over closet space, and just about everything else, was possibly the only way you communicated with your sibling.

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3. Dealing with lights when you wanted to sleep or vice-versa was a struggle too real, especially when you love your sleep.

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4. The room temperature was never set to your liking so you had to resort to wearing more layers.

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5. Not having the *ahem* privacy *ahem* you wanted at certain times.

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6. Your stuff, my stuff, your side, my side… I want my own room!

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But whatever happened, we ended up with a strong bond with our sibling and having them around 24/7 probably had a little something to do with it.


We love our sibling just a tad bit more than we care to admit.

Source: Vulture
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