This Couple From Lahore Got Married In Just 20,000 Rupees Proving That Pyaar Needs No Money

By Rameeza Ahmad | 25 Dec, 2018

20,000 rupees mein shaadi by the couple from Lahore is genius

Pakistani weddings are big and expensive. That is considered a fact. The expense is so overwhelming to even consider for most people that many even lament the birth of a girl child just because they will have to pay for her wedding. But, this Pakistani couple  from Lahore just told their own simple wedding story and to be honest, it seemed like the BEST wedding ever.


Rizwan and Palwasha are a couple from Lahore who tied the knot a few years ago but Rizwan shared the story of their nuptials in light of wedding season 2018.

Source: Rizwan

Oh, and if they seem familiar, that’s because Palwasha and Rizwan are wedding photographers and they’re pretty awesome at what they do.


The couple shared a picture of their wedding with us where they are posing with Rizwan’s parents, and honestly, it’s TOO cute.

Source: Rizwan

For the wedding itself, the couple had set a goal; they would have the entire event in PKR 20,000. The first thing they did was compile their guest list which consisted of 25 people; parents, siblings and close friends.

The menu was simple and was prepared on their terrace during the event. The set up was borrowed from the local election committee and Rizwan’s dad bought fairy lights which he set up to give the place a shaadi wala ghar vibe.


The bride and groom wore simple blue dresses which didn’t eat into their budget since they were a gift from the groom’s mother and sister.


And most important of all was that the bride and groom were chill and happy on their big day without the 3901203163896132 tensions couples usually have with bigger events and more people to manage.

The couple wanted to keep things simple and celebrate their new chapter with only those closest to them, and tbh, this sounds like a dream.


People on the internet seemed to be in agreement and had nothing but praise for the couple.

In a time when big weddings with mandatory hashtags and several pre and post wedding events are the norm, the couple proved that you can have a very small event and the day can be just as memorable and happy.

In the end, Rizwan said to each their own and you should do whatever makes you happy. Whether that is inviting 25 guests on your terrace or 2500 in the grandest marquee in your city. We love the story of this couple from Lahore, don’t you?


Watch Rizwan talk about his 20,000 Rupee shaadi here:

Happy shaadi season, folks!


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Cover Image Source: Rizwan

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