13 Things You Will Only Experience as an Adult After University

13 Things You Will Only Experience as an Adult After University

13 Things You Will Only Experience as an Adult After University

Growing up isn’t what we imagined it to be when we were kids. Life was much easier when it was spent day dreaming about Power Rangers or Prince Charming *Sigh*. All that seems to be a distant memory now as we live in the so-called “Real World.” Here are some strong signs that indicate you’re now officially an adult.


1. You see a flurry of weddings involving your childhood school-buddies.

Seriously, what is with all these people you used to hang out with back in the day getting committed/engaged/married ALL OF A SUDDEN and ALL AT ONCE!?
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2. You despise even the thought of going to a wedding.

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3. Your parents keep reminding it’s about time you tied the knot as well.

Because some parents think that’s the only valuable thing we can do with our lives.

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4. You repeatedly find yourself reminiscing about the good ol’ times.

The school life? The shared lunches? Bunked classes? The good ol’ shared water bottle prank? Copied homework? Late-night group studies, that were anything but group studies? Yeah, we all do that.

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5. Your entire being cringes when you see people acting immature. 

You know you’ve had it when your blood boils when you see people who wR|t3 lYk dI5.

And when you see people making duck faces, amongst many other things. You get the hint, don’t you?

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6. You like staying home more than you like going out.

This is one of those things that just happen. You don’t see it coming, but it just happens. You like the luxury of staying in your cozy bed, maybe watching a movie, reading a book, or basically do anything that keeps you from going out.

Because going out = money lost.

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7. You take pride in knowing that you no longer take money from your parents.

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8. Your mother always calls you to ask for a favor whenever you go out.

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9. Freebies, discounts, and hyper-sales please you more than they should!

Who doesn’t love free things?

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10. You use Facebook/Twitter to engage in more meaningful debates, rather than over-sharing posts.

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11. You find yourself waking up at 6AM more often than you go to bed at 6AM.

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….but you still hate it.


12. You continuously think about your future.

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13. You realize your family is the most important thing in your life.

We’ve all been through the ‘I-hate-my-siblings’ part of life, where the sisters and the brothers are the most annoying things to have ever happened. But now, parents and siblings have become your most prized possessions. you cherish their presence and hope that they always stick together.

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With all the beauty and wonders of life that only a mature eye could see, maybe growing up wasn’t so bad after all.


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