Sidhu Paa Jee Is Getting Trolled By Indians For Saying He Will Quit Politics If Rahul Gandhi Lost

By Rameeza Ahmad | 23 May, 2019

Navjot Singh Sidhu jee is being relentlessly trolled for making a statement about Rahul Gandhi

While us Pakistanis love Navjot Singh Sidhu for his cricket career, his appearances on the Kapil Sharma Show and most of all for showing love and very deep affection toward Pakistan and Prime Minister Imran Khan, we tend to forget that he’s also an Indian politician. Sidhu jee serves as the Minister of Local Government, Tourism, Cultural Affairs, and Museums of the State of Punjab in India.


Navjot Singh Sidhu had recently made a claim that if Rahul Gandhi lost his seat Sidhu would quit politics

Rahul Gandhi was being opposed by BJP’s Smriti Irani, aka Tulsi bhaabi from Star Plus, in Amethi and a lot of people in Indian National Congress were positive Rahul Gandhi would win against her. Sidhu jee was so confident that he even went as far as to claim that he would quit politics if Rahul Gandhi didn’t win in Amethi.

Big mistake!



But now with Smriti Irani in the lead according to latest results, Indians in support of BJP are trying to make Sidhu jee keep his word

And they’re doing this by trolling Sidhu jee.


It’s pretty sad to see that quite a few Indians really hate him but you can’t fault them for asking him to keep his word

It appears, a lot of hatred Indians have for Sidhu jee stems from his cordial relations with Pakistan and how he notably attended Prime Minister Imran Khan’s swearing-in ceremony.


Indians viewed Sidhu’s affection for Pakistan as a betrayal and branded him as a Pakistan sympathizer



Some people are so incredibly upset that they’re tagging the wrong account and as a result, abusing random people

It’s @sherryontopp guys, at least do your research. Clearly trolling k liye bhi aqal chahiye hoti hai.

It is incredibly sad to see Navjot Singh Sidhu be on the receiving end of such hate in his own home country. But hopefully, he won’t fall to the presssure and resign because we need at least one Indian politician who doesn’t outrightly hate Pakistan.

What do you think about people trolling Sidhu jee to resign? Let us know in the comments below.


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