Navjot Singh Sidhu Just Slammed Indian Politicians For Using The Strike For Political Motives And It Has Pissed Indians

By Sarmad Amer | 4 Mar, 2019

Navjot Singh Sidhu has become an adored figure in Pakistan after he visited the inauguration of Prime Minister Imran Khan. His recent remarks after the unfortunate Pulwama attacks, that led to him being fired from his own show and treated badly in his home country, have only resulted in endearing him to his Pakistani fans.


Navjot Singh Sidhu has been speaking up against the increasing tensions between India and Pakistan


He recently put the politicians of India on blast for manipulating facts and using the attacks for political gains

Sidhu called out the Indian government for faking the strike where they had claimed that they killed of 300 militants in Pakistan.


He asked for facts, after damning news reports emerged that revealed that the recent tensions have actually benefitted the Indian government.

News reports contrary to the propaganda being pushed by Indian government have come forth, quoting Indian politicians who said that the recent increase in tensions between perpetual rivals India and Pakistan has actually contributed positively in their political goodwill.

Source: @sherryontopp / Twitter


Sidhu went on to criticize the manipulation of military institutions for political gains


His comments have caused quite a stir, as was expected


Pakistani fans are commending him for “speaking truth to power”


But many in India hold a different opinion


Whether or not Navjot Singh Sidhu is speaking like a brave man or a calculated politician remains to be seen, what is true is that the treatment being meted to him after voicing his opinions is shameful for a country that claims to the biggest democracy in the world.

Opinions contrary to the establishment narrative, in India as well as in Pakistan, help keep the debate healthy as well as keep state machinery in check by casting questions on their operations. This is why criticism is necessary and should be encouraged. Here’s to people like Navjot Singh Sidhu who aren’t afraid to speak their mind and allow for dissent to exist in hostile political climates.


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