Sidhu Paa Jee Just Fired Shots At Modi For Being Jealous That He Wasn't Invited To Imran Khan’s Oath Taking Ceremony

By Kashaf | 18 Nov, 2018

If you haven’t heard of Sidhu Paa Jee and his love for Pakistan and Imran Khan by now, you’re seriously living under a rock.

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Navjot Singh Sidhu, (otherwise known as Sidhu Paa Jee) has been in the spotlight quite a few times in the last few months.



Two months after Sidhu attended PM Imran Khan’s oath-taking ceremony, he sparked controversy again by comparing Pakistan to South India and claiming that Pakistan is basically better than South India.

“If I go to Tamil Nadu, I don’t understand the language. Not that I don’t like the food, but I can’t take it for long. That culture is totally different. But if I travel to Pakistan there is no difficulty. The language is the same and everything there is just amazing” Sidhu said while speaking at a literary festival in Kasol.

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Well, Sidhu Paa Jee has done it again.

When Delhi BJP unit president Manoj Tiwari asked Sidhu to clarify his stance on any controversial statements made recently; the cricketer-turned-politician attacked the PM of India, Narendra Modi, and said that Modi is jealous that he was not invited to PM Imran Khan’s oath-taking ceremony.

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An Indian news agency quoted Sidhu:

“Is the prime minister jealous that he was not called (for Imran Khan’s oath ceremony)? Is he jealous that he went to Pakistan uninvited (for Nawaz Sharif’s birthday)? I’ll not prove my patriotism to people whose name came up in Godhra (riots case).”

Well, I think we can all conclude that Pa Ji loves stirring the pot.


Indians, obviously, are pissed.

Indian’s reactions summed up:

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Indians think Paa Jee is delusional


And most people are asking him to move to Pakistan

source: Facebook/ The Times of India


Pakistani reactions summed up:

yaaaaas queen

source: Facebook/ The Siasat Daily


Everyone is kinda worried about his life

source: Facebook/ The Times of India


and they obviously agree 1000% that Modi is super jealous

source: Facebook/ The Times of India


Well if things don’t work out for Pa Jee in India, he’s always got a place in Pakistan.


What did you think about Sidhu’s statements? Let us know in the comments.


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