15 Times Shiv Sena Showed Us How Not To Behave Like Adults

15 Times Shiv Sena Showed Us How Not To Behave Like Adults

Politics, especially the one in the Subcontinent, has the ability to make sane adults throw tantrums like little spoiled brats. Like some of our ‘beloved’ politicians in Pakistan, Shiv Sena in India, is one party that never fails to entertain. Instead of hate mongering and stooping down to their level, as a display of how civilized you are, you should learn what NOT to do from such people.

Here are some of the things that the Shiv Sena has been embroiled in that made them look nothing better than a crying kid who’s ice cream fell before he could take the first bite:


1. Sania Mirza’s marriage and the Sena’s controversial response

When the Indian tennis star Sania Mirza got married to Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik, there was much controversy both sides of the border but Shiv Sena took the cake when they called for the revocation of Mirza’s citizenship for marrying a Pakistani.

Source: NPR


2. Bal Thackeray’s praise for Hitler

Oh yes! The Shiv Sena’s former leader was quoted praising the worst person in history. He was quoted by a magazine saying, “I am a great admirer of Hitler, and I am not ashamed to say so!”

Source: India Times

On 29 January, 2007, he cleared his stance in a media report. He said, “Hitler did very cruel and ugly things. But he was an artist, I love him (for that). Guess Thackeray sahab still did not realize what was wrong in the statement.


3. Sena and their grudge against people of other Indian states, especially Sachin Tendulkar

In 2008, Bal Thackeray had issued an editorial titled Ek Bihari, Sau Bimari saying Biharis were ‘an unwanted lot’ in Maharashtra. Later he also lashed out at Sachin Tendulkar for saying that Mumbai belongs to every Indian.

Source: Midday

Umm… okay, is Mumbai not part of India? Is it now in Gandhipur or something?


4. Sena’s attack on innocent ‘lovebirds’

“Activists” who were part of Shiv Sena have been known to attack couples on Valentines Day.

Source: AFP Via: Express Tribune

On February 14, 2006, a group of Shiv Sena members attacked women who were celebrating Valentine’s Day in Mumbai.


5. Mudslinging on Sania Mirza. Again

No offence to the late respected figure in India but Bal Thackeray probably had a grudge against Sania Mirza. He said that Mirza was not famous for her on-court abilities but for her “tight clothes, fashion and love affairs”.

Source: india.com

Dude, she is the highest ranked female from Subcontinent in tennis. Ever. Tight clothes don’t get good rankings, a players’ skills do.


6. Call to counter “Islamist terrorism” by creating Hindu terrorists

In 2002, Thackeray issued a call to form Hindu suicide bomber squads to in response to Islamist suicide bombers and other violence.

Source: Hindu Jagruti

In 2008 he reaffirmed his position saying, “Islamic terrorism is growing and Hindu terrorism is the only way to counter it”. Talk about cutting your own hand to get rid of the injury.


7. Feud with the  makers of ‘Wake Up Sid’ over the correct pronunciation of Bombay… oops, Mumbai.

In Oct 2009 the movie ‘Wake Up Sid’ showed characters calling the city Bombay and Shiv Sena got irritated. They asked for an immediate correction or a violent boycott of the film.

Source: NDTV

The Sena’s off-shoot MNS’s leader Raj Thackeray even met with the producer Karan Johar to get the feud resolved.


8. Sena’s call for voting rights of the Muslim population of India to be revoked

In April 2015 the Shiv Sena asked for voting rights of Muslims in India to be revoked since they voted as a “biradari“.

Source: spyeyenews.blogspot.com

So much for priding themselves on being the largest democracy in the world.


9. Call for minority communities to practice “family planning” as a method of population control in India

The Sena’s disdain for minorities, especially Muslims, is not hidden. They have even called for minorities to adhere to family planning as the “growing population of Muslims and Christians has become a threat to Hindus.”

Source: India Today


10. The arrest of two girls for their Facebook status after Sena did not like their comments

Two girls were arrested in Mumbai for voicing their dismay over the city being shut down for Bal Thackeray’s funeral. One of the arrested girl’s charge was merely ‘liking’ the Facebook post of the other who had put up a status saying the city should not have been shut down.

Source: India Today

See, that’s what happens when the public never keeps their government accountable for making good Cyber Crime laws, instead of selfish ones that serve their own gains.


11. Shakeel Siddiqui being beaten up by Shiv Sena workers

Famous Pakistani comedian Shakeel Siddiqui was beaten by Shiv Sena workers in Mumbai because they did not want “Pakistanis working in India”.

Via: Pak101


12. Sena’s nonchalant response to actress Riya Sen’s home being burned down

Bollywood actress and infamous video clip star Riya Sen tweeted that she was ashamed of Mumbai city’s slow response after her apartment building caught fire and the fire brigade failed to turn up. Shiv Sena retorted by saying she was “not special.”

Source: Midday

Above: Riya Sen’s home; inset: Riya Sen’s mother.


13. Shiv Sena’s strong opposition to Ghulam Ali’s concert in India

Recently the Sena came into light yet again for forcing the organizers of Ghulam Ali’s concerts in Mumbai and Pune to cancel the events, because he “belonged to a country that was firing bullets” at India.

Source: Radio and Music


14. Sena fighting over credits for building a swimming pool

Source: Hindustan Times

Mumbai mayor Snehal Ambekar, who is a Shiv Sena member, accused the BJP Government of appropriating the credit for the swimming pool-gymnasium project in Mumbai, ignoring the Sena which controls most part of Mahrashtra, especially Mumbai.


15. Salman Khan being asked to move to Pakistan for showing support for Pakistani actors working in India

Following Salman’s support for Pakistani actors working in Bollywood, who, he says, went to India on valid, government-issued visas, and thus should be left alone, Shiv Sena critized him severely and held protests against Khan.

Source: pinkvilla.com

Sena spokesperson Manisha Kayande said, “Salman Khan needs to be taught a lesson, if he has so much love for Pakistani artists, he should migrate to Paistan.”


We understand that relations between the two neighbors are not at their best, but continuing to make gestures like this only leads to growing tensions.

It is high time that both sides grow up, hug it out and stop instigating each other to launch a nuclear war and kill more than 21 million people.

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