21 Times You Realized Shisha is the Coolest Bro Ever

21 Times You Realized Shisha is the Coolest Bro Ever

21 Times You Realized Shisha is the Coolest Bro Ever

Shisha, or hookah, hubble-bubble, narghile, arghileh, qalyān, no matter what name you choose to call it by, is more than just a favorite pastime while chilling with your buddies. It is actually the awesomest bro you’d ever have.

Here’s when that can dawn upon you:


1. When it looks more scenic than sunrise at the beach

Source: Hooka Hutt


2. When its sleeker than your finest piece of gadget

Source: Justluxe


3. When it’s more girly than your childhood Barbie 

Source: imgbuddy


4. When it’s downright badass

Source: Hookah-shisha


5. When its anatomical illustration puts all your 10th-grade Physics diagrams to shame

Source: Pinterest


6. When it salvages your friendships because it has something for everyone

Source: Imagejuicy


7. When you’d rather smoke through Burj Ul Arab than actually visit it

Source: Whatabong


8. When it’s a weapon of mass destruction and recreation all at the same time

Source: Shivaonline


9. When you meet his equally cool friends and instantly gel in with them

Source: Kentanph.wordpress


10. When you can’t afford a date at the Eiffel Tower

Not even the Bahria Town one.

Source: Ebay


11. When it pranks you as the Grim Reaper

Source: Hookahcompany


12. When it doubles as Detox water because, Shisha cares. Shisha understands.

Source: Hydrogenpipes


13. When it’s presented in more colors than the freakin’ rainbow!

Source: Crystalphuong


14. When you’re invited to chill at his crib

Source: Chillinwithchoi.wordpress


15. When you can’t afford a belly-dancer…

Source: Aliexpress


16. When it sees through your soul..

Source: Weheartit


17. When shisha, not pakora, is your favourite chai companion

Source: Parksleepfly


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18. When it tricks mom into thinking you’re on a fruit diet

Source: Smokeking


19. When it helps you get through heartbreaks

Source: Pinterest


20. When it’s nothing but pure art


21. When it doubles as your retirement plan..

Source: harmreductionjournal.biomedcentral


Disclaimer: We at MangoBaaz don’t endorse smoking. This article is a piece of satire and is supposed to be taken in humor.

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