11 Times Shireen From “Sang-e-Mar Mar” Was One Of The Realest Characters On Television

By Iman Zia | 5 Mar, 2018

I fell in love with Shireen from ‘Sang-e-Mar Mar.’ Her softness and reclusive nature were overwhelming, as was her suffering that was incredibly relatable. Her character hit home a number of times throughout the show – despite life riling waves against her jagged shores, the way she handled herself was truly remarkable; she was flawed, imperfect and incredibly human.


1. Her daydream-like nature was not a weakness

Her vivid dreams about Aurang gave her leeway to see her otherwise incredibly dull life with hope and color. She spent days introspecting and daydreaming, living in her own world to make reality seem a little more tolerable.


2. Despite loving someone she hasn’t seen in at least ten years, Shireen remains resilient but also finds life to be tougher at times

She’s only human after all, and a more desolate Shireen emerges as she reminisces of Aurang in her weaker moments. She’s forbearing and meek even with the most turbulent of hurdles thrown her way.

Source: Hum Television

3. Her innocence does get the best of her, but it’s this very trait that still makes her both incredibly strong and unguarded

She’s unaware of how strong she really is with everything going against her, however it’s this very purity that is also her greatest downfall. She allows people to hurt her, and hardly talks back – making her all the more mortal.


4. Her vulnerability and ‘playing it safe’ is what often gets her in a tussle with those around her

She’s often used, abused and taken for a ride, and like most of us, she willingly lives in a bubble. She’s afraid to truly live life, and while her circumstances aren’t the best, she lives in the shadows.

5. Her patience is outstanding, really it is – to be hopelessly in love with someone and anticipate their return for years without moving on isn’t desperate; it’s brave and admirable

However her patience couples with an unfading sadness.

Source: Hum Television


6. Shireen does the unthinkable by covering for her best friend and accepts blame that she was having a secret affair with someone from a rival family

Some see it as a true sacrifice, others see it as plain impish. I see it as an incredibly brave thing to do, and is a test of true friendship.


7. Shireen isn’t in the most liberating household; her Pashtun village means she’s caged at home, with school being her only outlet to breathe

Still, she finds joy in the little things and treasures her childhood memories closely (a peacock feather being her source of comfort). She shows us to be truly grateful for whatever little we have in life, even in the most dire of circumstances.


8. Shireen is caught in the traditional ritual vaani, and its a peak heartbreak when we see her marry someone else

The agonizing pain on her face is a metaphorical window to a lot of things we go through – it’s an awful and blurry feeling of sorrow, shock, and plummeting hope. One particular trigger is enough to lose hope; but it’s not the end, no matter how painful it is. Shireen survives this, and is a beacon of belief.

Source: Hum Television


9. She can’t move on – like most of us, she’s locked herself in the past


10. Destiny never seems to be on her side, but it’s not about a lack of fate or luck – it’s just life’s fallibilities

Shireen understands this – life is far from perfect. It’s a sinking ship, and it’s all about trying to not drown along with it.


11. The way Shireen reacts after she sees Aurang after years of seperation is incredibly heart-aching

It’s cut short, bittersweet at most and achingly incomplete. She breaks down instantly in a moment of flooding feelings after she sees him – it was this particular moment that really hit home. She burst into tears in a vanquishing moment, shaking and trembling.

Source: Hum Television


Do you find Shireen relatable?


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