Jeremy McLellan Just Announced Which PSL Team He's On And Fans Want Him In Pakistan ASAP

By Biya Haq | 5 Mar, 2018

It’s no secret that Jeremy McLellan, AKA our honorary Pakistani AKA our Gora Desi AKA the love of our lives has gained a bit of a following in Pakistan.

From his wise words on Birayni.

As an ambassador for Pindi Boys everywhere.

Source: Jeremy McLellan Comedy Via: Twitter

To explaining Ramazan, this comedian has always shown his love for all things Pakistani.

Source: Jeremy McLellan Via: Facebook

Well now, Jeremy just proved his true love for Pakistan, in the only way that truly matters.


Jeremy officially announced his support for Team Quetta and things are about to get REAL.

In the craziness of PSL nowadays, everyone seems to have their very own favorite team. Whether you’re a Quetta Gladiator, Lahore Qalander or a Karachi King, things are cricket crazy this time of year.

And Jeremy and his fam seem to be jumping on the same crazy bandwagon as wellllll.

Source: Jeremy McLellan Via: Facebook


Oh and you probably know what the Internet had to say.

Source: Jeremy McLellan Via: Facebook

We’ve already got a name sorted! COME ON JEREMY!

Source: Jeremy McLellan Via: Facebook

Suffice to say, Lahore is looking for some love too.

Source: Jeremy McLellan Via: Facebook

Collab with Zainab Abbas? Now that’s noooooot a bad idea.

Source: Jeremy McLellan Via: Facebook

We’re not crying, YOU ARE.

Source: Jeremy McLellan Via: Facebook

Honestly, this may even happen.

Source: Jeremy McLellan Via: Facebook

What do you think about Jeremy’s PSL team choice? Is he on your team? Are you a Quetta gladiator? Team Zalmi? Let us know in the comments below! Love you.


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Cover photo source: Jeremy McLellan Via: Instagram

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