Shireen Mazari Was Asked For Comments On Asad Umar's Resignation And She Had The Most AWKWARD Reaction

By Noor | 18 Apr, 2019

Shireen Mazari Asad Umar ki resignation ko maan hee nahi rahi thein bechari

So, in case you STILL don’t know about this you better come back to earth because our Finance minister just resigned. Asad Umar explained his resignation as a part of the cabinet reshuffle and further said that he does NOT want to take any other cabinet position.


Asad Umar resigned with a statement wishing success to the naya Pakistan and said that he has full faith in the Prime Minister


This development has left a lot of people in shock who can’t really digest the new changes in the cabinet


Amidst all the confusion, it has surfaced that even cabinet members were unaware of Mr. Umar’s resignation like this video of Shireen Mazari not believing the news

Upon being asked about the finance minister’s resignation, Our human rights minister had NO idea about what was going on. She refused to believe that Asad Umar had actually resigned. She was adamant to prove her point by using statements like “kisi nay photoshop kar diya hoga tweet.”



People went on to troll Shireen Mazari for not knowing about such a high level development


They even accused the minister of being distracted with other things to focus on internal issues of the state


A few weren’t sure if the entire political party were actually hiding stuff from awaam


Many people were shocked at the indecisiveness and lack of communication in the political party

It’s kind of surprising that the awaam and the ministers both had NO idea about the ever-changing decisions. Well, the entire scenario has been called into question for looking like another U-turn. This all has naturally hurt the sentiments of many young PTI supporters who had high expectations from their beloved finance minister. The chaos triggered by Asad Umar’s resignation has invited a lot of criticism from people but let’s see how the situation unfolds in the future.

Are you shocked with Ms. Mazari’s reaction too? Let us know everything in the comments below.


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