Imaan Mazari Has Disappeared From Twitter And People Have A Lot Of Conspiracy Theories

By Rameeza Ahmad | 24 Sep, 2018

Shireen Mazari’s daughter Imaan Mazari has always been very vocal about her difference of opinion with her mother.

She usually takes to Twitter or her YouTube channel to explain exactly what issues she has. Both of them have repeatedly clarified that they have different opinions and that it does not affect their relationship with each other since they are both adults who can have their own opinions.

But a lot of people believe that she embarrasses her mother and makes life hard for her.

And with her latest tweet, Imaan posted a private screenshot without her mother’s consent and some people called her out for it yet again.

Source: @imaanzhazir via Twitter

She posted a screenshot of a WhatsApp message she received from her mother Shireen Mazari telling Imaan to stop embarrassing her and to not give in to her hate for the Pakistan Army all the time.

A few people thought that this time Imaan may have gone a little too far because she posted a private conversation’s screenshot without her mother’s consent.

This might not have been a big deal but it is because of the fact that her mother is a public figure and a Minister in the new cabinet.

But after this tweet, Imaan Mazari had curiously deactivated her account.

And considering this is not the first time she has publicly disagreed with her mother, people were surprised at her deactivating her account.

In fact, some people believed that she had not deactivated at all but her account had been reported and thus removed by Twitter itself.

Either way, the fact remains that her account no longer exists and a lot of people are pretty happy about it.

Imaan has always been very vocal in her disagreement with the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, a party her mother is a longtime member of. And is also known for her criticism of the Pakistan army in her YouTube videos. But this time, she might have gone too far after posting a private screenshot.

However surprisingly, a lot of people disagreed with her disappearance from Twitter. Bringing up the topic of free speech!

People have very polarized opinions about this entire situation so far and Shireen Mazari has yet to comment on the situation.

What do you think about possibly Imaan deactivating her Twitter? Did she go too far this time? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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