Shireen Mazari Just Jumped In To Defend Imran Khan's Problematic Comments About Bilawal Zardari

By Noor | 24 Apr, 2019

Shireen Mazari defending Imran Khan for his sexist remarks is NOT okay

Shireen Mazari is one of the most prominent members of PTI. Federal Minister for Human Rights is often in the news for her bold statements and audacious opinions. She is a vocal, seemingly progressive smart woman and one expects her, as a Human Rights Minister as well as a woman, to call out casual sexism.



So, when PM Khan referred to Bilawal Zardari as Bilawal sahiba and Shireen does not call that out, it’s obviously extremely hypocritical of her


Even Bilawal smartly responded to the remark by Khan and reiterated Khan’s statement about small men occupying big offices

We all know that it’s an indirect mention for our PM who earlier passed comment on Bilawal’s sexuality.


Shireen Mazari just spoke up to support the sexist remarks of PM by stating that it was a mere slip of the tongue

She reposted a few video clips in which several people mistakenly referred to Bilawal using the pronoun ‘her’.

Ms. Mazari also retweeted a video clip where Bilawal himself used the same pronoun by mistake.


She further added to the statement by saying that the inherently biased nature of people makes them selectively accept ‘some’ slip of tongues.

This was her jab at the recent controversy about Imran Khan saying that Japan and Germany are neighboring countries.


People viewed this particular move by Ms. Mazari as hypocritical and argued by stating that how can the federal minister support bullying when she herself is a victim of bullying at the hands of fellow parliamentarians and the general public

They clearly referred to the case when Minister herself was trolled brutally for her looks.


People clearly stated that this was extremely unprofessional and they had high expectations from her


They asserted that there’s a difference between slip of tongue and deliberate humiliation

Casual sexist remarks are already such a big issue in Pakistan. For the FRCIKING PRIME MINISTER of the country to make such a remark and call a political opponent with a woman’s label as if it’s a derogatory jab is extremely dangerous.


People went on to state that though Ms. Mazari held the prestigious ministry of human rights, she still stooped to another low by defending sexist remarks by Khan


They even reminded the Minister of times when she was brutally trolled for her physical appearance


A few mentioned that it’s NOT necessary to defend every single action of Khan and the Minister could have stayed silent

It’s evident from the statements given by the people that they expected a little more rationality and sensitivity from the Minister of Human Rights. So, what’s your take on the issue? Let us know in the comments below.


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