Boys, If She Has These 15 Qualities She Is Definitely A Keeper

By Malaika Tahir | 5 Jan, 2017

Doesn’t matter how many jokes are made on women as wives or lovers, it just cannot be denied that they are the ultimate source of sunshine in a man’s life, after all they complete a man, and vice versa. She brings fun, laughter, order and tenderness in your conventional life. Someone who’s always there for you and someone who’s always cheering for you the loudest.

We told the ladies about the qualities they need to look out for in their man so it’s only fitting that guys get the same courtesy. Your significant other may have flaws because nobody’s perfect, but if she has these amazing qualities, don’t ever let her go:


1. She is always there to give you the biggest self-esteem boost

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2. She is friendly with your family and everyone you care about 

She makes an extra effort to make people, you care about, comfortable in her presence.

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3. She completely understands and is supportive of fluctuations in your financial halaat

She quickly agrees with excitement to try something sasta whenever you’re broke and you two go out.

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4. She never demands anything from you that she knows will be difficult for you to do

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5. She understands when you’re sometimes genuinely busy and aren’t able to give her time



6. She isn’t clingy and gives you personal space and time when you need it

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7. She does little things to make you happy without you having to ask her

It can be wearing a color you like, or ordering your favorite food. She loves doing little things just to make you happy.

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8. Even during arguments, she is careful not to cross THAT line to hurt your deeply

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9. She is happy to try something that she isn’t sure about, just for you 

She doesn’t like nihari but since you love it so much, she agrees to go to Muhammadi Nihari with you.

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10. She listens carefully and even tries to understand and respond when you’re talking about your work or interests, even if they don’t make sense to her 

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11. She has complete trust in you

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12. She never stops you unnecessarily when you’re going out with  your friends or family

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13. She laughs herself silly at your jokes

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14. She is often overwhelmed with fondness for you and automatically displays affectionate gestures 

Like pulling your cheeks or looking at you lovingly.

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15. She never minds sharing her food with you



What other amazing qualities do you look for in your significant other?



Cover image via: @divamagazinepakistan / Instagram

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