“She Means Business” Is A New Initiative For Pakistani Women To Run A Successful Online Business

By Nayab Imtiaz | 14 Sep, 2018

In a society facing under-representation of women, the need of the hour is to promote businesses that are female-led. This will empower women and will also lead to more diversity and a better economy.

As a result of this thinking, #SheMeansBusiness has been launched by Facebook, and its partners include Universal Service Fund in Islamabad and the Punjab IT Board in Lahore.

#SheMeansBusiness is aligned with Digital Pakistan.

The aim is to cover multiple cities and help women gain the required knowledge to become entrepreneurs and grow their businesses online, all while keeping their safety in mind.

Source: marketingmag.com

An offered feature is a three-month digital literacy program that is offered as part of its ‘Herself’ initiative. The program has established an active presence in 20 counties and has trained and empowered over 42,000 women in the process.


While talking about the same, here’s what Clair Deevy, Director of Community Affairs, APAC, had to say:

“When women do better, we all benefit. More women are employed, more role models are created, and there is stronger diversity. Women are doing amazing things on Facebook around the world with the support and encouragement of the #SheMeansBusiness community. Our partnerships in Pakistan with USF and PIBT will hopefully help inspire and empower more Pakistani women to start and grow a business.”

Source: picbear.com

Facebook’s Future of Business survey, carried out with The World Bank and OECD, found that female-run businesses are more likely to leverage online tools to drive success than male-led businesses. Moreover, higher rates of entrepreneurialism were found.

Source: Arham Shoukat


Women currently account for more than 40% of the 80 million active small businesses pages on Facebook globally, which is up more than 21% since last year.  

#SheMeansBusiness runs for rest of this year and will kick-off in Islamabad on 13th September and in Lahore on 14th Sept.

Source: Herself/Facebook

So all you female entrepreneurs, this is something you wanna keep a look out for. Are you interested? Let us knwo in the comments


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