A Salon Owner In Sukkur Was Arrested For Filming And Blackmailing 70 Women With Hidden Cameras And People Are Horrified

By Sannia Bilal | 11 Sep, 2018

This salon owner invaded his own clients’ privacy and that’s disgusting.


Beauty parlors and salons have a lot of weird stories to tell. From crazy client drama to weird incidents, everything under the sun can be seen and experienced at a beauty salon.


The owner of a beauty parlor in Sukkur was caught installing hidden cameras in his salon and using the videos to blackmail women into becoming sex workers

Yup! You read that right.

Kamran Yousafzai, the owner of Sonia Salon in Sukkur has allegedly filmed and blackmailed 70 women through hidden cameras which were installed in the bathrooms of his salon.

Source: urdupoint.com


Police took notice after a complaint filed by one of the victims and the salon was immediately raided on official orders of SSP, Syed Asad Raza Shah.

After the raid cameras were seized as well as a number of bottles of liquor. Yousafzai would use the obscene videos of the female clients at the parlor to extort money from them or in some cases, he would blackmail the women into becoming sex workers.

Source: tribune.com.pk

After investigation, it was reported that the suspect had installed Internet Protocol cameras (IP cameras) which were connected to his cell phone

He would broadcast live videos of women directly on his phone. Kamran later on confessed that he had installed hidden cameras in the salon around four to five months ago.

Further investigation was being carried out to see if the female employees of the parlor were involved in this hideous crime.


The reactions following the news were rather interesting.

Some were just shocked.


Source: @nishsays/Instagram


Source: nishsays/Instagram


Source: @nishsays/Instagram


It was a wakeup call and people were praying for their safety in such places


Source: @nishsays/Instagram


And this girl had something interesting to add to the possibility of such heinous crimes

Source: @nishsays/Instagram


After this incident, it is important for us to remind all these business owners that our privacy should be their primary concern. Hoping we don’t come across such cases in the future.

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