Indians Are Donating To The Dam Fund And Pakistanis Are Very Confused

By Rameeza Ahmad | 11 Sep, 2018

The damn dam fund has been all over the news ever since the Supreme Court announced it. Whether it’s because of the Chief Justice has said he would dismiss a case if the accused party would give money to the dam fund or because ‘famous international celebrities’ were allegedly making their own donations. The conversations around this have been constant, whether they are good or bad.



The outpouring of funds by Pakistanis at home and abroad is incredible.


And after Prime Minister Imran Khan endorsed the dam fund, the generosity is even more visible.


But not everyone is exactly happy with the endorsement.


But this doesn’t stop people from all over the world from donating.

In fact, even some Indians have generously donated to the dam fund and their endearing video is getting a lot of reactions

These men are apparently based in Abu Dhabi and hail from India. They introduce themselves in the video. The video was apparently made by the staff of the ‘Tikka Tonight’ restaurant and the fact that they were willing to donate some of their earning to a Pakistani cause they will personally not benefit for all is incredibly sweet.


A lot of people commended the young men.


But of course, some were just angry at Indians trying to help Pakistan

The fact that these average Indian ex-pats found it in their hearts to donate to the dam fund of a country which is never on the best terms with their own homeland is kind of, very sweet.

What do you think?


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