This Woman's Shocking Experience In A Try Room In Karachi Is A Warning For Everyone Who Cares About Their Privacy

By Alveena Jadoon | 23 Feb, 2018

Invasion of privacy is not a concept alien to Pakistanis. We have often come across stories of cameras installed at changing rooms at malls and outlets. However, finding an entire person sitting behind a cupboard is a first and this is what happened with this woman in Karachi, unfortunately.



Facebook user, Sasha Scheherzade, took to the platform to bring to people’s notice how a customer’s privacy is easily violated due to the negligence of the authorities

She went to a try room at Ocean Mall in Karachi. As she was about to change, she noticed a reflection in the mirror of something moving behind in the cupboard. A man was sitting in the small space inside. She was completely shocked and called the staff on the floor. The manager was also called in and he promised to fire the guy.

The outlet was Gul Ahmed’s but here that is besides the point. It can happen anywhere and that is what needs to be addressed. This is not a Gul Ahmed specific problem, rather a problem that can arise anywhere. The aim is to bring this to notice so that authorities can be more vigilant in these matters.

Sasha, in this entire episode, asks a very important question and that is, is firing the guy enough?

Will this make people understand how important it is to respect the privacy of the customers? Will this change the mentality of those who take advantage in such situations? Will this decision urge the person to reconsider his actions? And does the problem end with one person being fired?


Gul Ahmed was quick to issue an apology to the customer

On behalf of Gul Ahmed Ideas we would like to sincerely apologise to Ms Sasha Scheherzade on the inexcusable incident…

Posted by Gul Ahmed Ideas on Mittwoch, 21. Februar 2018

Earlier, another case appeared from Faisalabad where individuals had installed cameras in changing rooms

Along with this multiple shops and malls have been declared unsafe for women to try their clothes in Faisalabad. A case was registered and two individuals were arrested for installing a camera inside a shop in Faisalabad.



Reportedly, the government’s response in this case was to issue a list of malls that should be avoided and women have been specifically asked to not change clothes there


However, is that the correct way of solving a problem? Do we not ask the people managing the place to be more vigilant? Or do we keep on adding names to this list and ask women to avoid changing at these places?

Why is it the answer always lies in asking the women to be more vigilant? Can we not push the persons responsible for managing the area to up their game a little bit? How hard is it to understand that privacy of any individual must be respected? And the answer does not lie in disciplining the victim rather than disciplining those responsible?


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