Sheikh Rasheed’s Boss AF Public Appearance Has People In Fits Of Laughter

Sheikh Rasheed’s Boss AF Public Appearance Has People In Fits Of Laughter

Not that we needed any more proof but after today, Sheikh Rasheed is Boss AF. Riding a motorbike, taking a news channel van hostage, addressing the reporters while lighting a cigar, scurrying away from the audience  and finally making his way to Laal Haveli – suffice to say, today was a damn fine day for political entertainment. The capital has never been more alive.


News anchors proceeded to dub this as a “DABANGG* entry” and we couldn’t help but be equally amused.

(*cringing so hard at that word, though)



Sheikh Rasheed then proceeded to post a video giving proof of his dauntless bravery.

“Stop me if you can”


Sheikh Rasheed’s antics, despite the Islamabad lockdown, has people singing hymns of his bravery, so much so that this whole episode might have won him a cult fan following.

Here’s what the internet is raging over:

The legend, in flesh and bone.

The lead actor to many action packed movies.


Khatron ka sipahi


The fairly obvious on-screen double.

Shawn Michaels, time to pass the torch.


You can take the boy out of Pindi but you can’t take the P indi out of the boy.


Comparisons were drawn with the desi deviant.

Source: @waleednasir00 Via: Twitter




Sharmila Faruqi also joined in.


There was more rap.


First pushups, now this…


Usain Bolt’s newest protege.


The starboy


Dat quote tho.


Keeping Mohammad Ali’s legacy alive.


Phupho also took some digs.


Mexican bantz.


This is what everyone’s feeling rn


What are your thoughts on the nation’s most well-liked politician?

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